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T  E  A  M    F  O  R  T  R  E  S  S     C  L  A  N
News Archives, April/March 98
April 16, 1998
Back to Business 
I hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover Holiday.  Our activities were postponed by one week, but now we're back to our busy ways.  Clan is back to normal operation. 

Next IGL Match  
We've got a match against Clan Null on Sunday, April 19th @ 8:00p CST, to be held on our server scheduled to run Bam4.  This match will be for the Central Division Title.  We are 0-2 vs Null.  Will the third time be the charm, or will the malady linger on?  Stay tuned.  

Last week, we had an impromptu scrimmage with clan Nefarious [NeF] on 2fort5.  Good sportsmanship and much fun for both sides!  Tonight, we have a scrimmage with The Shaolin Brotherhood [TSB] on bam4 and 2fort4r.  Thurday nights will continue to be our scrimmage or non-league match night. 

IGL Match: IRON vs KoQ (4-05-98 / Bam4) 
Nothing but a hard fought battle, as we expected from the men that make up Iron.  We opened up with a quick capture -- which appeared to give the match a fast pace.  Our offense pushed on to make another capture around the half-way point.  At the time, it was their turn to answer back.  The last 10 minutes was an offensive frenzy for both sides, but no further  caps were allowed.  In the end, the difference in score was  100 -- exactly 1 cap.  Good Game. Score:  KoQ 436, IRON 336  (2-1 caps). 

Tthis brings our current recond in the IGL to 13 wins and 6 losses.  

Vet Status 
Congrations to Wartribe for reaching veteran status on April 4th.  His dedication to the clan, as well as his master story-telling and game reviews will always be appreciated.  Now, lets make sure he gets only a daily-allowance of StarCraft. :)  

DMI - No more 
KoQ has left the Dragon Maw's Invitational.  Or perhaps we should suggest that the tournament has died.  In any case, we may be looking for another small tournament to enter.  RIP.
April 2, 1998
Map Change 
For our next IGL match, this Sunday vs Clan Iron -- both sides have agreed to play on Bam4 instead of the default map.  The change has been officially approved by IGL.  

Moving to a new IRC Server 
Well, we should have done this awhile back.  KoQ is moving back to GamesNet as our irc network. was a good system, but it lacked other TF clans.  Now that we are back on GamesNet, feel free to stop by and visit us at #clan_koq.
March 31, 1998
Update, Update, Update 
My apologies for my absence on our public news page.  In an attempt to make things up to everyone, I've also given the website a small "face-lift" as well.  (Actually, I just want torture people that use 1024x768.)  Thank you  Snare for the new buttons.   Its been an exciting last couple of weeks for us -- so hopefully this update will get everyone up to speed with our recent events. 

Newly Knighted 
We've got 2 new Knights as of  Sunday, March 15th:  BeserQ and Buckmaster. 

Bes is a technician from Dallas, TX.  He is a long time online-gaming partner with Leiodes.  The soldier  is his preferred class and a fierce one at that!  Buck is from Kane, Pennsylvania, and works in Law Enforcement.  He enjoys the pyro and demoman classes!  Welcome aboard,  fellas. 

A few other personnel news to report.  First off, congratulations to Hodgekins for reaching his 6th month anniversary with us.  "Veteran Hodge" does have a nice ring to it.  Also, our Jenkins will be taking a leave for about 2 months.  He recently got engaged and is focusing on the more important things in life!  Good luck Jenk, and come back soon -- we'll await your return.   Cadrys has returned from his trip to the UK and is ready to frag everyone he sees... 

Next IGL Match  
We've got a match against Clan Iron  on Sunday, April 5th @ 8:00p CST, to be held on our server scheduled to run Blords2.  We are communicating with Iron to change the map to Bam4.  The attendance sheet has been posted at the restricted area. 

IGL Match: TKN vs KoQ (3-29-98 / Blords2) 
Well, Blords2 was actually entertaining!  We met The Taken in a battle on the "not-too-popular" map and had a fun time.  TKN were gentlemen, as expected, and  played a hard fought game.  Offensively, we were clicking well and managed to infiltrate their base with success.  Their offense met up with a brick wall in their attempts to break the "Jacksonville D." That match marked TKN's 30th match in IGL -- which is a huge accomplishment.  Congratulations!  We're sorry we had to play the spoiler for your event....  Score:  KoQ 698, TKN 231  (5-0 caps). 

Tthis brings our current recond in the IGL to 12 wins and 6 losses.  

DMI Match: cM vs KoQ (3-24-98 / 2Fort4r) 
The inaugural game of the Dragon Maw Invitational.  This is a 5 on 5 tournament, and we opened against our familiars cM.  The match start our quickly with 2 KoQ caps.  Pressure was on the their team, and with good work from their ChaosDemon, cM stormed back with 2 caps of their own.  It was our turn to respond, and our offense managed to answer it back with 1 cap and one more on-way as time expired.  I spectated this match, and I must admit that a 5 on 5 setting was pretty entertaining.  Good game!  Score:  KoQ 246, cM 165  (3-2 caps). 

NL Match: cM vs KoQ (3-22-98 / Bam4) 
Our first non-league match -- with our friends cM.  We held an "IGL style" match on Bam4 and had a very good experience.  cM, as usual, were professional and fun to play against.  This experience will make us more open to the idea of playing other clans in non-league events (ie, clans can setup a good game on their own!).  Our defense held firm while our offense had a great showingScore:  KoQ victory. 

IGL Match: Null vs KoQ (3-15-98 / Bam4) 
Another tough and exciting battle.  We took an early 1 cap lead, but Null fought back to catch up with a cap of their own.  From that point on, they played conservatively while we continued a huge assault on their flag.  Our offense fought valiantly, even moving the flag to the spiral steps but the Null Defense held firm.  In the end, we failed to capture again and they accumulated a frag lead.  Awesome game; we look forward to our next meeting.  Score Null 391, KoQ 321 (1-1 caps). 

Jerry Springer plays TF 
Yes, he really does.  Check out the IGL Message Board to see his latest forum... its not a pretty sight.  :)  I'm not trying to promote it, really... but if you want a good chuckle, take a peek.
March 13, 1998
IGL Match: WK vs KoQ  
A tough match.  The Wicked Klownz brought in a group of excellent fraggers and held us capless for the entire match.  Likewise, we neutralized their offense well.  In the end, from our great fragging and sniping, we came out with another victory.  Good game.  Score: KoQ 332, WK 284.  
Interesting note:  WK was the first time we have ever been out-pinged on our own server.  Anyway, this brings our current recond in the IGL to 11 wins and 5 losses.  

Next IGL Match  
We've got a match against Clan Null  on Sunday, March 15th @ 8:00p CST, to be held on our server running bam4.  The attendance sheet has been posted at the restricted area.   This is our first defense of our recent title of Central Division Champion.  I know everyone in our clan looks especially forward to this match -- for a multitude of reasons.  Let the war begin.  

We just want to thank cM for the scrimmage last week.  It was fun, and I hope we can do it again soon.  

New Email Address  
Snare has changed his primary email address to  Please update your address book.  

If anyone, KoQ or visitor, has emailed within the past 2 weeks -- please note that I (Jarv) am backlogged with sending replies and will do it by this Sunday.  My apologies.  I have been out of town and busy with other real life activites and have neglected answering clan/clan-related emails.
March 3, 1998
IGL Match: FB vs KoQ  
I was away this weekend, but I did manage to spectate the last 10 minutes of this match.  It was a capless until our offense invaded their base and skillfully brought the flag home.  Our scouts, Crotalus and Jenkins, have done a great job in our recent matches.  Good work to both our defensive and offensive units.  It looks like we are in high gear once again.  Score: KoQ 496, FB 189.  

Next IGL Match  
We've got a match against Wicked Klownz  on Sunday, March 8th @ 8:00p CST, scheduled to be held on our server.  The attendance sheet will be posted at the restricted area.   I do believe WarTribe and Snare are really looking forward to this match. 

Reserve Duty  
Avalanche has been very busy with real life lately, and he has placed himself in our reserve section for the time being.  His work has been taking him out of town recently, and he and his wife are expecting their first child soon.   Avs -- we'll keep your seat warm for you... please keep in contact with us!  Good luck.  

Veteran Status  
I am proud to announce that Leiodes has reached veteran status.  March 2nd marked his six month anniversary with us.  On behalf of all KoQs, I thank you for your hard work and loyalty to this clan.   He is the sixth Knight to reach veteran status, and serveral more Knights should be there fairly soon.  

New Email Addresses  
Just a quick note that Assman and Pek-r both have new email addresses.  Assman's is and Peky is using a forwarding address until further notice: 

TF2 Ring  
Well, the old TF Ring (see bottom of this page) has been replaced with the new TF2 Ring.  True, we don't play TF2 yet -- but its the only ring for TF1 and TF2 related sites.  And we surely will make the transition when the new version comes out.  
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