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Team Fortress Clan
[KoQ] Projects 
Name Size Description -- See Projects page for more detail
TFiguration v1.4 1.7 mb Author: [KoQ] Snare 
Full Installation Package
TFiguration Update v2.1 65 k Author: [KoQ] Snare 
Upgrades to v2.1 Update (Needs previous installation!)
TFSnoop "lite" Offline Author: [KoQ] Jarv 
TF Score Calculator
Sniped.bsp 130 k Author: [KoQ] Jarv 
TF snipering-practice map based on 2fort4
Essential Files 
Name Size Description
QuakeWorld 2.3 1.5 mb Full install 
Team Fortress 2.8 Full 5.2 mb TF 2.8 
Full Installation 
Team Fortress 2.8 Upgd 1.1 mb TF 2.8 
from 2.5
TF Maps Link N/A Suggested TF map 
mIRC 5.x 800 k IRC Chat client 
ICQ - Pager 900 k Internet pager and 
Chat utility
KoQ DM Skin 15 k Official Clan DM Skin 
by Snare
Copyright 1997-98 - [KoQ]