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Team Fortress Clan

Clan Application


    We are now beginning open recruiting for multiple classes. Please fill out the form and be in our IRC channel Monday, 4/12, at 7:30 PM CDT. Contact Shamuka if you have any questions. 

    We are actively recruiting at this time.
    (1) Please do not email us if you have not heard from us.  We are very selective about who we contact. 

    (2) If your application matches what we are looking for, Shamuka will contact you within 5 working days via email and/or icq. 

    (3) If you are contacted -- it doesn't guarantee that you'll be invited to join KoQ.  What it does mean, is that you'll be invited to attend a few events with us--specifically our tryout session.  These events will give us more detail onto your character, as well as an opportunity for you to evaluate this clan. 

    (4) We make no promises as to the timespan of this evaluation period.  It is not in our interest to prolong this process, but we will be certain of you before we invite (or decline) you an offer to be in this clan.  If you're not a patient person, don't bother to apply. 

    Good Luck, 
    The Knights of Quake 

    BTW, KoQ is targeting people in our age group (20 years and older) to build on our strong foundation of maturity and fellowship.  Also, check out our "clan info'" section and make sure you agree with us on our philosophy and our days/times for our weekly events. 

If your browser has any problems with this form, you can send an email application to us with the same information as asked below.  This form has been tested with Netscape (3.0 or higher) and MSIE (4.0 or higher). 

Please fill out the form below...

Real Name:  
Quake Name:  
Email Address:  
Age (or approximate):  
ICQ Number: 
Location and Occupation: 

Now, for the last part -- please give us a little bit of background about yourself.   You also want to mention your preferred TF class(es), how you learned about KoQ, connection type (modem, isdn, etc.) and anything else you feel is important for us to know.

Note:  Your application will be forwarded to all KoQs.  Please remember, you are introducing yourself to our clan. 

Thank you for your interest in KoQ.


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