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News Archive (July 97)
KoQ Projects Report
Snare has made another update to TFiguration, and it will be posted shortly.  My QuakeC mod, Estats, is approaching v0.9 -- so hopefully in the near future it will be complete.   And the webpage will have another facelift within the next few weeks.  The framed-version is already done, but due to the sporadic problems of the BU server, it will not be posted.

Take No Prisoners!
Hey, this is another off topic post, but there's a demo of a game called Take No Prisoners(10mb) thats is interesting.  The game is based on a top-down view (ala Gauntlet), and even utilizes Direct3d so you can put your 3dfx card to use!  Since I know you all love destroying things, I'd thought I recommend this one! : )

Poets Corner
Ninrox{SW} is looking for fellow poets to exchange works of his favorite topic: Llamas.  If you have any poems to give, or would like to receive some, please send him email.  BTW - he's a pretty snazzy dude.
TFiguration Update
After downloading TFiguration, download the TFiguration Update(22k).  The update fixes a few issues with QuakeWorld and .cfg files.  See 8-1-97 for v1.2 update.
Team Fortress Rocks!
We had our first clan practice session at TF.  Although we're a long way from being proficient, everyone had a great time with it.  "Its like war, dude." - Jarv,  "Told ya so!" - Snare.

Snare has cleverly made a program to help us bind our keys for TeamFortress.  I truly suggest grabbing a copy of TFiguration (1.7mb) to make your life easier...  See the news for 7/27 concerning an update!

Clan Prefix
Its official: we are using the [KoQ] prefix in front of our handles.
The Good.
While playing on the Martensite QW Server,  I met another clan based here in Texas (Orange, TX).   They're called Clan Shockwave -- and they are good (and cool) players to encounter.  If you see some of them ({SW} is their suffix), be sure to say "hi" to them.

The Bad.
Call me clueless!  I've should have suggested this awhile back:  we need a team prefix (or suffix) on our QW handles.   Our teamname is definitely there, but what about when we play on non-team servers?   This will let everyone know what KoQ is all about! (plus people  won't ask ," Hey wanna be in a clan?" to you anymore)

Here's a few ideas:

The Ugly.
While I'm on the topic of other clans, here's one that I am not so positive about...  I don't know their full name, but the team name is CORN.  I'm not joking -- team CORN.   Anyone want to take a guess as to what it stands for?  Anyway,  one of their players, Creature, is an camper-wanna-be (not good enough to be a professional) and should be hosed with a shower of rockets. ;-)

Wait until you see their skin -- you'll love 'em.
Team Fortress Maps
Ok, after downloading Team Fortress, be sure to get these maps:,,,,

The have all been Snare-Approved for your safety.  While you're waiting for these d/ls to finish, see the next bit of news...

Strategy Guides
If you're looking to improve your game (who isn't?), check out these sites:
The Gamer-X Quake Bible - A work in-progess, written by Thresh (#1 Quake Player).
The Team Fortress Strategy Guide  - pretty self-explanatory, eh?

All of the rumours (keeping me grounded...)
The buzz these days, is that Death Row Records has an interest in AssMan and Pek-r after their open-mike performance on Tuesday night.  Then again, you can't believe everything you hear.
Team Fortress
Everyone, go ahead and download this mod.  It is a variation of CTF, and I think it'll be more fun for everyone than standard CTF.  It involves specific character classes, so each team must utilitize the abilities of their teammates  to prevail.  Imagine being a spy, medic, pyro, scout, or any of the other classes.  And it's not a massive download either, only 3 mb.  Here's Team Fortress 2.5.  After you've downloaded it, be sure to get the fix (located in the files section), and be aware that there are extra maps available for TF.  Write to Snare for map details. (Sorry Snare, there's too many listed maps on the ftp server for me to link specifically...)

Tuesday Night Fever
Thanks again, to everyone, for playing on Tuesday night.  However, it does seem that we are going to need find another time-slot for our meetings.   Do me a favor and send Pek-r email concerning whether or not you can play on Saturday mornings.  Go ahead, click on his name... he won't bite (hopefully).  If he receives support for this, we will change our meetings from Tuesday @ 9:00pm to Saturday @ 9:30am.

We really need everyone's input on this -- I can't make all the decisions for our clan.

Updated Quake Rally
Yet another update, 1.0e or so now exists.  I'm not going to mention QR here after today, so check for other new updates/fixes at the Quake Rally Page.
Annoying Skins
I've been meaning to do this sooner.  The skins that some people wear (completely black or dark) only for an "advantage" in QW are annoying!  "Shroud1.pcx" is completely worthless!!  There is no artistic value in it -- only that it is harder than hell to see.  Solution: assign annoying skins filenames' to the base.pcx file.   Is this censorship?  Perhaps -- but, now they will be seen in the same manner as everyone else.

The annoying skins collection is composed of 12 skins.   You may download it and extract it to the \quake\qw\skins directory if you wish.

Feel free to let me know the exact filename of other worthless skins that you encounter.
Quake Rally Fix
A small fix (160k) has been released to address a few "quirks" of the game.  You can read what it fixes at the Quake Rally Page.

We have just joined ClanLink.   It has replaced the QW Ring and provides useful resources as well as a listing of other QW clans. The banner is located at the bottom left of this page.

Saturday Mornings
Pek-r suggested that we use Saturday mornings as a designated meeting time.  His logic was that it would be less crowded and most everyone would be available to play.  He was right.  Our session (Pek-r, Snare and I) was awesome and we've got 2 new screenshots to prove it.  If *I* can get myself to wake up @ 9:30am on Saturday, I'm sure you can too.

Just a reminder...
If you have downloaded ICQ, please send me your user number so I can add it to the member information section.  Lately, ICQ has had a few connection problems, but it's really useful in finding other people online (Snare and I played on Friday night through ICQ).
Quake Rally Released
After more than 7 months in development, QR is out!  This is the long awaited TC for Quake, involving cars, trucks and massive weapons.  Does anyone remember AutoDuel?  Anyhow, check it out -- It should be a nice break from standard Quake.  Here is a link to Impact Team's download page.

Official Id Clan Status
We have applied to be an official Quake Clan.   Although today, there are many Quake Clans in existence (a thousand?) -- it would be a nice honor for us.  It may even bring other people to our page and perhaps to issue a challenge to us.   It should not change our style of play (please don't declare war on another clan).  I'll keep everyone posted.
Tuesday Night Disaster (TM)
Oh boy, that was a session I'd like to forget.   We were plagued by a lagged chat session and too full QW servers.  It'll be better next week -- it definitely can't get any worse...

Team Name KoQ
Just to clarify the issue -- make sure you have the teamname configured to "KoQ".  The "o" must be lowercase; it is not the same as "KOQ".

Future HUD of QuakeWorld
Checkout this proposed display of the next QW release: HUD1  It might take time to get used to, but it looks promising.

  Death to DALnet
After the lagged chat session, we are now switching to EFnet.  Just reconfigure mIRC to choose an EFnet chat server (there are 2 servers in Houston).  Our channel name will remain the same.
Quake Skin
Snare has given me the green light to release the skin.  Download it here.
GL Quake "Alt-Tabbing"...
I have put together a fix for you 3dfx owners concerning switching to/from Windows from Quake.  If you have experienced any lockups, give it a try.  It is in the files section.

Download ICQ -- it may be an alternative to using IRC.   There is a direct and fast link to it in the files section.  If you want more information, visit the ICQ (I Seek You) Homepage
Dungeon Keeper
I know its not related to Quake,  but this is a fanstastic game!   Snare and I have been playing it for the past few days... IMO, it is a combination of Themepark and Warcraft.  Here are some reviews if you're interested:  Review1 | Review2.
GL Quake
What, you don't have a 3dfx graphics accelerator yet?  Check out this picture comparison of GLQuake vs "Normal" Quake.
First Entire Group Session
First, I want to say "Thank You" to everyone for showing up last night!   It'll take time to sort out all the confusion, but things will get much better.   When we are all comfortable with QW and our system of communicating, I think we are all going to have a blast!!!

We played on three different servers, although it seemed as if they were all lagged on Monday night.  I managed to get 2 screenshots -- it wasn't very pretty but it is posted as usual.

Clan Skin Update
Snare has sent another variation of the skin to me, and he says,"I made the stock of the gun now change to what-ever the pants color is set to. So the shirt color determines the color of the visor, studs, and backback lights while the pants color determines the color of the stock of the gun."  Sounds good, eh?

Promises, promises...
I promise, the next time we play, I'll make better choices as to which servers we play on.  (read: I will be prepared.)  However, it is also important that everyone learns what they are able to about QuakeWorld.   Learn how to reduce lag, which commands enable what (teamcolor, skins, etc.)... check out the Quake Reference Sites to help you get started... especially for QW commands.
Vis'ed Patch
3dfx card owners, be sure to visit the GL Transparent Water Page.

I realize that the entire group has yet to play a session of QuakeWorld, but a few people have expressed an interest in playing Capture the Flag.  There is now a link in the files section.  CTF is a nice variation of the game, and I hope we can play it  in the future.
Clan Skin
Woohoo!  Snare  has sent me his first attempts at our group skin:  Skin1 | Skin2. Here are some sample screenshots of skin#1  in action via Reaperbot: Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4
The second skin has a few minor fixes and more detail on the backpack... Personally, I love the visor and red gun!   He needs your input so send him a letter with your ideas and suggestions.

We have some new screenshots, including Pek-r's first win.  They are posted in the screenshots archive.
This page has been put up to provide easy access of files needed to play QuakeWorld.   Occasional news will be posted here too.   However, email will still be the primary source of setting up meetings -- so check your mbox often.

Our meeting on Thursday night went terrific.  We have verified our usage of IRC w/Quake and played 3 full games of QuakeWorld!!

Have a look around, and make sure to get the files that are listed.    Also, everything you see on this page is subject to change.

Copyright 1997 - Michael Fiddes and [KoQ]