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T  E  A  M    F  O  R  T  R  E  S  S     C  L  A  N
News (Sept 1998 - March 1999)
March 18, 1999
No Respect? - Snare 

KoQ claims STA Gold Title
3-17-99: STA Djedi vs KoQ Bam4  
Coming off the big win over Im12 last week, KoQ was up for the Gold Title shot, facing against Djedi. This was to be our 3rd meeting against this Top10 reputable clan, and with Djedi having won our first matchup and we tied in our second, KoQ went into this match hoping to even the series. Bam4 has always been a favorite of ours, so we knew this was going to be a great match.

Round1 on the Djedi server started off without a hitch. Both clans stopped the early scout rushes and little flag movement for both sides. Each side used quite different defenses, but both proved to be very strong. The KoQ offense was trying many different tactics to break out a flag, but nothing seemed to be effective. But finally, in the last few minutes the chink in the Djedi armor was found. Running full force with 5 scouts, the KoQ offense began a conc'ing session rarely seen. While many scouts died, they left behind the drunkenness in the enemy to give their fellow scouts easier passage. The trend continued, and the flag began to move. But just as a KoQ scout cleared the spirals and was on his way out, flag in hand,, the round ended. 0 - 0 Tie

Round2 moved to the KoQ server. Both clans' defenses were rock solid round1, and round2 was no different. However, KoQ was able to use their scout attack of round1, with a few heavies thrown in, to eek out a cap about 15 mins into the round. Djedi kept up a strong offensive attack, but the KoQ defense was able to stop them cold and kept the flag from ever being in real danger. With about 10 mins to go, the KoQ Flag Engineer began to have router problems, putting concern on all of KoQ's faces. Adjustments were made by both sides as the match began to come to a close, with Djedi throwing everything they had to try and pull out a cap. But KoQ rose to the occasion and halted the Djedi attack until the round ended. 1-0 KoQ

Final: 1-0 KoQ Victory to claim the STA Gold Title. GG Djedi!!

3-16-99: IGLTS SK vs KoQ Impact1  
Round1 was a total frag match, with SK using an almost all soldier offense to slow down the KoQ offense. Neither side had significant flag movement and the round ended 0-0. Round, KoQ adjusted their offense quite a bit and it paid off. A couple early caps made KoQ feel comfortable, but SK answered with a cap of their own. KoQ was not done on offense though, and continued to pound on the SK defense, pulling out 4 caps. Final: 6-1 KoQ Victory. GG as always SK. 

March 15, 1999
Back Again - Snare 

3-14-99: IGL CDI vs KoQ Aztec1  
Aztec1 is not exactly the most cap happy map around, and both clans were prepared to hold off any offense. Round1 ended with KoQ up 161-131, and it was abvious to us that this was going to be a frag match. We adjusted for round 2 sending mostly heavies on offense and it paid off. KoQ held a large frag lead most of the match and both clans fought off many flag movements, some all the way to the RR. Towards then end, KoQ was able to sneak out a flag when a moved flag returned to the flag room while the CDI defense was still getting reset. Round2 ended 301(1) - 101 KoQ. 

Final: 462-232 KoQ Victory. CDI played a great game and we look forward to meting them again 

Past match updates 

We have played a lot of matches since the last update. He is a quick rundown of our record over that strech: 

7 Wins - CFH, 420, DK, SK, LOD, Im12, MD 
3 Losses - CP, BH, TrF 
1 Tie - Djedi
February 22, 1999
This weeks Mixed Results - Crotalus 

2-21-99: IGL BH vs KoQ Canalzone  
BH took an early lead and had us down by 22 points. 3 Dets of their base put us back in the lead. They used a little different strategy than we've seen before on Canalzone. They slowly chipped away at our lead to a heartbreaking tie game. 303-303. GG BH. 

2-18-99: IGL5v5 GG vs KoQ 2Fort5r  
Well, we won, but nobody will tell me how. KOQ Win. 529/8 144/1 -G-G- GG. 

2-17-99: ASTFL TrF vs KoQ 2Fort5r 
TrF blew us out. Nuff said. TrF win. 14 - 1 GG TrF.  

2-16-99: IGLTS WM vs KoQ Well6  
First game we couldn't keep WM out. 5-0. Second game was worse. 10-0 GG WM. 

February 16, 1999
This weeks Matches - Crotalus 

2-15-99: STA D3F vs KoQ Well6  
This pair of matches started out well for us on our server. While D3F out fraged us we were able to to hold them to just one cap. Round two on their server was a different story. The majority of our players had ok pings but the packet loss turned the match into a slide show with PL going as high as 85 and never dropping below 40. We had their flag in our fort for a second cap when the clock ran out. Win for D3F 

2-14-99: IGL TKN vs KoQ Bases  
Because of V Day, TKN was short 3 players. Being good sports they decided to hold the match anyway. Their two HWguys on the ramps made it tough to get to the flag. After whacking on them for a few minutes we managed to wear down their defense and start moving the flag. The server crashed 35 minutes into the game and no one suggested a restart. KOQ Win 9 - 0 

2-10-99: ASTFL DFA vs KoQ 2Fort5r 
In our weekly ASTFL match on 2Fort5r, we played the fairly newcomers to TF, DFA. However, don't let their relatively young age as a clan fool you. These guys played well. Round 1 host at the DFA server, they played hard to earn a 2-0 lead. We regrouped to finished round 2 to our favor, and the game as well with a 4-0 making it 4-2 KoQ victory for the match. Again, DFA played a great game and we look forward to playing them again.  

2-09-99: IGLTS vM vs KoQ Bam4  
After vM requesting changing maps from Canalzone, we played them on Bam4 as well. First round was furious, with each side making many successful campaings offensive. Round 1 ending with vM leading, 3-2. 2nd round started off really well for KoQ, and once we got rolling we couldn't be denied. At the end it was another KoQ victory, 9-5.  

2-08-99: STA CFH vs KoQ Bam4  
We playing a long time rival in CFH on one of our favorite maps, bam4. We started off strong with a convincing 5-0 round1. For the 2nd round, CFH came out aggressively but couldn't break any new ground. It was a tough round, but a scoreless endeavor for both clans. Final Score, 5-0 KoQ victory. 

2-07-99: IGL WM vs KoQ Well6  
Round1 was on the WM server, and they controlled the tempo of the match with a 7-1 score leading into round2. Second round, we knew we would have to cap multiples times to win, but WM played a strong defense and won that round as well 2-0 for a total of 9-1 WM victory. GG.

February 4, 1999
This weeks Matches - Snare 

2-02-99: IGL TS FOLD vs KoQ Canalzone - "The Bad" 
A very close game. 2x30 on the great Canalzone. Round1 eneded up with FOLD holding a 40 pt lead with some good work in the last 5 mnutes to get that lead. Round2, KoQ jumped out to a 30 point lead, but again FOLD made a huge push at the end, to end the Round only down 5. 437-401 FOLD Victory 

2-03-99: ASTFL AF vs KoQ 2fort5r - "The Ugly" 
In probably the worst played match for KoQ in months, AF pulled out a good lead after round 1, and then really blew KoQ out in round2. 1898 (14) - 597 (1) AF Victory. 

2-04-99: STA AF vs KoQ Bam4 - "The Good" 
AF agreed to change the map for this map to Bam4, and luckily for KoQ, this happens to be one of their better maps. Round 1 was mostly a frag fest, with little touches for both sides, and the round eneded in a 0 - 0. Going back to their home server for round 2, KoQ was determined to pull out a victory and get back some dignity from the loss to AF the night before. Round 2 started, and the KoQ offene struck early. After many touches, KoQ went up 1-0. No real falg movements for either side for the next 15 mins, but then both clans started making signifigant flag movement at the same time. Finally, a KoQ spy pulled the flag home, and just after AF made it 2-1. From then on, the game was mostly back to a frag gest, with one intense moment when the KoQ piper timed out. In the end, KoQ held on to win 2-1. GG AF, we look forward to playing you guys anytime.

February 1, 1999
IGL FF: D3F vs KoQ Well6 - Snare 

"Defiance will find little resistance in KoQ"  - Justice [GT] - TFCNN  
For our weekly IGL FF match, we faced off agasint the tough clan, Defiance, for a 1x45, 10vs10 match on well6. The match started off with neither side really getting to the flag, and D3F taking a lead on frags. Then about 10 minutes in, D3F assembled a large force in our sky resupply, and was able to pull out our flag as a result. KoQ struck back though, and tied the game up in caps, after having to pry the flag from their water tunnel. Many flag touches continued for each side, and both clans allowed many flags in the water area to return before being able to keep them alive. D3F faired a  little better though and managed two more caps, but KoQ answered with another of their own. 

At the 41 minute mark, the game was 3-2 in caps, with D3F also up by around 100 frags. KoQ knew it would need two caps to have any chance, so adjustments were made to try and get this. Unfortunately, it backfired badly and D3F was able to almost cap at will over the last 9 minutes, ending the game with D3F up 7-2 in caps, 1053-429 totals. Great Game D3F!! 

While we did not win, nor peform like we thought we could, maybe our performance was good enough that we will not be conisdered "little resistance" in the future.  

STA: DJedi vs KoQ 32smooth  

This was our 100th match as a TF clan, and we were really looking forward to having a good match. Unfortunately this match happened in just about the exact opposite fashion as the D3F match. Round 1, with in the first 10 minutes of the match, DJedi took a commanding 6-2 caps leads. After that, both clans locked down, and the round end with DJedi up 7-2. Round 2 was much like the last half of round 1. Both clans played great defense, and the round ended 2-2. Final: 9-4 DJedi Victory. DJedi was a blast to play against, and we look foward to future ecounters with them. 

Knights of Quake - Record after 100 matches: 

IGL    29 Wins, 20 Losses 
IGLTS   4 Wins,  5 Losses  1 Tie 
STA     1 Wins,  1 Losses 
ASTFL   4 Wins,  2 Losses 
IGL5v5  3Wins,  2 Losses 
HSW1,2 14 Wins,  2 Losses [HSW1 League Champion] 
DW4     3 Wins,  4 Losses  
NL      5 Wins,  0 Losses 
Total  63 Wins, 36 Losses  1 Tie 

Not too bad for a clan with the average age of around 26...

January 28, 1999
More Match Recaps - Snare 

1-27-99: ASTFL YS vs KoQ 2fort5r 
Round1 on the KoQ server, the round started out slow with neither clan getting an early flag touch. Soon however, KoQ began to dominate on offense, and the flag touches seemed to never stop. By the time the round had ended, KoQ came away with a 2044(17) - 168(0) lead. YS then decided to forfeit Round2. YS displayed good sportsmanship and we commend those YS members that stayed till the end. 

1-26-99: IGL TS EHA vs KoQ Canalzone 
This was our first time to play EHA on Canalzone, and we were expecting it to be a good battle, as all our matches with EHA have been. We came out using a new strategy, and it seemed to work well for us. Round1 we were red on the EHA server, and we came out with a 224-188 lead.  Round 2 was on the KoQ server and we were blue this time. This round was much closer than we would have liked, coming away with a 216-186 lead. Final: 440-384 KoQ Victory. Good Game EHA. 

Upcoming Milestones 

Tonight we will be playing in our 100th official match as a TF clan. Fittingly enough, we willing be going up against the long time veteran clan, Digital Jedi on 32smooth for STA. This will be our first time to face these guys, and we look forward to the encounter. 

We will also be facing off against Defiance this coming Sunday for the IGL. This too will be the first time we face this powerhouse clan, and we look forward to the encounter. 

January 25, 1999
Recent Match Recaps - Snare 

1-24-99: IGL SK vs KoQ Sewer1 
We challenged SK to this match after our close game with them last week.  We came out prepared and ready for this match and quickly took down SK's wall both rounds. We seem to have our strategy down pretty well for this map, and came out with a good win. 1012 (6) - 313 (0) KoQ Victory. GG guys. 

1-21-99: STA Flipz vs KoQ Well6 
After hearing how well Flipz has played some top 10 clans on this map, we knew we had to have a strong performance to pull out a win. We put in some extra practice (research) for well6 this week, and it paid off. Round1 was really the only meaningful round, as for Round 2 Flipz could only field but 7-8 players. Flipz were great guys and we look forward to our next match with them. 20 - 1 caps KoQ Victory. 

1-20-99: ASTFL eV vs KoQ 2fort5r 
Not a very fun or exciting match for either side. eV dominated both rounds, both of which were on our server (which they still out pinged us quite nicely on) due to a bad router to their server for a lot of our guys. eV has lots of talent no doubt, but some of their members need to drop the arrogance and attitude. 2017 (14) - 446(1) eV Victory. 

1-19-99: IGL TS WM vs KoQ Canalzone 
WM is a class act. 2 Great rounds of Canalzone in which WM proceeded to show us why Canalzone is their best map. We learned a lot while at the same time had a lot of fun. Wish every match against top clans would go this smoothly.  
469 - 332 CP Point WM victory

January 18, 1999
IGL FF: SK vs KoQ - Snare 

We were originally to play IRON this week in the IGL FF, but since IRON retired from TF, we decided to ask SK if they would like to play a match since they wee left out on the schedule. SK picked well6 for the map, and we knew were going to have our work cut out for us as that is SK's best map, while it is probably our weakest. 

Round 1 started on SK's server and we very quickly knew this was going to be a long night. SK jumped out to a 3-0 lead in under 10 minutes, using mostly well jumpers that our defense could just not seem to handle. Things settled down for a little while with little flag movement on both sides, but SK then went on another capping spree pulling out 3 more caps before the round ended, while our offense could only pull off one. 6-1 SK lead 

Round 2 we knew we had to come out strong and fast, so we added and extra man to offense, and went to a more traditional defense. Things started off slow for both sides, with little flag movement. But then about 10 minutes into, KoQ began to hit its stride. Over the next 5-10 minutes, KoQ pulled out 4 caps, putting us only 1 cap down, but with a significant frag lead. At this point we had to make a choice: go for that winning cap, or pull back and frag hard to try and over come the SK cap lead.  We easily chose to go for the cap as we had to momentum in our court and could feel SK beginning to worry. But the SK defense had tightened up and bulked up and our offense began to sense a problem, "Your Flag has been Taken". The SK offense had moved the flag, but luckily the KoQ defense stopped them in the water. However, when the flag returned, SK had a relay waiting and the KoQ sniper protecting the well during the flag movement just barely missed him. SK was now up 2 caps with about 5 minutes remaining.  The KoQ offense pushed hard and pulled out another cap, and had a relay ready that moved it again, but time ran out on us. 5-1 KoQ 

Final - 953(6) - 1004(7) SK victory. I think both clans had a blast with this match, but KoQ does not take a loss like this lightly. We have therefore challenged SK for next weeks IGL FF match on sewer1, probably our favorite map right now. We look forward to meeting up with SK again next week.

January 13, 1999
New Member - Snare 

As was predicted, KoQ would like to welcome Horse into its membership. As a long time TF veteran, Horse again brings more skill, humor, and maturity into what makes KoQ unique in the world of TF.  

Knights of Quake: Under New Leadership 

We would like to announce Dante as the new Field Captain (Leader) of KoQ.  He brings with him over a year of service in KoQ, respect from all KoQ members, aged maturity, and his ever popular Goat.  We would like to wish him well as he takes hold of the reins of KoQ.  

We would also like to thank Jarv for all has done for KoQ.  This clan was his idea almost 2 years ago, and he has lead us to be everything we are today.  While we lose his presence as a leader, we will still get to see his skill on the battlefield.  We also wish him luck in his studies this semester, the monster that took him away from us. 

IGL TS: DoW vs KoQ 

Round 1:KoQ came out with guns a blazing and the scouts a running, while DoW was attacking us with their own rush. KoQ got a quick touch and brought the ever coveted flag to the stair room. With some good fakes on the demoman by the scouts, KoQ took the oppositions flag and ran it through the canyons for a quick cap. While the KoQ offense was working hard to cap, the defense held firm. The basement combo of Nytemare and Dunkster kept KoQ's flag in its place holding off the constant incomings of DoW. Two more caps came shortly after the first one to end the round 3-0 in KoQ favor.  

Round 2: With KoQ ahead of the Dogs,, we expected DoW to come out swinging. They did come out of the gates with a 2 scout, 1 demo, and a 2 soldier rush. They were raising hell and going cattywhompes in our base. But KoQ fought back hard, hold the rampaging Dogs at bay, not allowing them to purge our flag from the KoQ base. During the chaos going on in the KoQ fortress, KoQ's offense were pulling off some sweetly timed moves on the enemy defenses. After the smoke cleared and and the blood was wiped from the face of the combatants, KoQ came out winners of the round 7-0.  

Final Score: 10-0 Despite what the score says, the game was hard fought and a intense match. GG DoW. We are looking forward to our next meeting. [KoQ] Talruum

January 11, 1999
New Members - Snare 

KoQ would like to welcome three new members into our ranks:  Dr. O'Pain, Dunkster, and Kreiger.  All three are perfect examples of what KoQ desires in its members, and they have already been making an impact for us.  It is also safe to assume Horse will be a new member as soon as he goes through our hazing process =) 


Sunday night for our usual IGL FF match, we took on CFH in a 1x45, 10vs10 match on sewer1. We into this match confident in our new sewer1 offense and defense, but CFH had different plans.  The match began with CFH sending lots of scouts going straight for our flag, while the KoQ offense was set on taking out the enemy detwall.  KoQ has success in its mission, but unfortunately, so did CFH.  Around 10 minutes into the match, CFH had pulled out a cap and KoQ had taken out the CFH detwall.  With their detwall down, KoQ felt confident in its ability to now get to their sewer while the KoQ defense was now settled in nicely (detwall and pipe still up) and confident it could hold. 

The match continued with a lot of fragging in the canyons, but KoQ could feel the tide turning as we began to get to their flag more often.  Finally, a soldier/scout combo was able to overrun their flag defense, and moved the flag to the detwall area.  Several deaths and flag touches later, KoQ had pulled out a cap.  A scout was ready with a relay flag touch, and moved the flag again to the detwall. But this time CFH cracked down on defense, and kept the KoQ offense from capitalizing on the flag movement. 

With 15-20 minutes to go in the match, the score was virtually a tie, and the match began to turn into a canyon battle.  KoQ was winning this battle, and CFH was then forced to go to a largely scout offense and go for the cap.  But the KoQ defense tightened up and the flag was never in danger. As the match came to an end, KoQ had pulled out a 410(1) to 316(1) victory. After the match, we heard CFH had left the IGL FF division. We are sorry to hear that, as our matches with them have always been fun and competitive. 

Other Match Results 

IGL 5v5: CMC/ZZZ vs KoQ 

First match on the new map cts2b.  While CMC/ZZ was down a man the whole match, they played a very good game, but a bug in the map gave them a slight advantage to make up for the missing man: a sentry that could shoot through ramps. This bug should be fixed in the next map release, but otherwise it was a fun and exciting map and match.  553(10) to 236(3) KoQ Victory. 

IGL TS: .M vs KoQ 

2 round match on the always great well6. KoQ came out of the first round with a 2-1 caps lead, that probably should have been higher due to various reasons. Then after almost an hour and a half delay and losing quite a few players, we played round 2. .M came out of the gates fast and furious, and quickly had established a 3-0 lead. The match stayed there for nearly 20 mins, until we had to commit more to offense in hopes of getting the needed caps, but unfortunately allowing the .M offense to pull out 3 more caps, while only getting 1 ourselves. 7-3 .M Victory. 

January 5, 1999
New Website Layout - Snare 

Welcome to the new Website Design for the Knights of Quake. We felt with the new year, a more up to date design might be good for us, considering our old layout had not changed much since back when we were a DM clan =).  I will say the site works best in Netscape, as some of the menu animations and layout do not like IE for some reason. Feel free to look around, as most all the pages have been updated. 

IGL FF: GT vs KoQ 

We took on GT this past Sunday night for both clans' first match of the new year.  One 45 minute round on the new IGL map sewer1.  Having already had a match on this map, we went into this match hoping that the experience from it might give us a slight edge against the huge talent and cordination in GT. The round began with boths clans sporting similar defenses and offenses. Both clans inital plan was to attack the enemy detwall, and defend thier own, but GT had much more success at this then KoQ did. With in 10 minsutes, the KoQ detwall had been taken down, while the GT detwall had yet to be touched. This allowed GT to switch over to a lighter class based offense, and push towards the KoQ flag. 

The KoQ defense held strong though, while our offense was still having major trouble making any penetration in the GT defense. GT was moving the KoQ flag alot, but the KoQ defense made quite a few great stands to keep the flag from being lost. At around the 30 minute mark, the game was virtually tied in frags and no caps had been allowed yet. But GT had the momentum on their side, and had began to find the weak points in the KoQ defense. Over the the last 15 minutes of the match, GT took commanding control, running off 4 caps, the last one coming literally 1 second before the match ended. 697(4) - 272(0) GT Victory

December 21, 1998
IGL FF: TKN vs KoQ - Snare 

The Knights of Quake took on TKN in a match that was filled with constant offensive pressure from both clans with fighting taking place in both bases almost nonstop.  KoQ was able to wrestle out 2 caps before TKN regrouped to score one of their own.  KoQ was not to be denied and managed to score 4 more caps, including one that seemed to take over 3 minutes from within KoQ's own base.  All in all it was a great match played with heavy offensive pressure from both veteran clans.  1043(6) - 410 (1) KoQ victory. GG TKN until the next battle! - [KoQ] Shamuka

December 17, 1998
Recent Match Recaps - Snare 

12-17-98: IGL 5v5 KiaB vs KoQ 
Was a close match through out, and very intense at the end. KiaB was up 2-1 caps, but KoQ was up in frags and had the KiaB flag on the move. But the come back was not to be as KiaB managed to pull out a 3rd cap during the confusion. 236-142 (3-1) KiaB victory. GG guys. 

12-16-98: ASTFL EHA vs KoQ 
Wow!! What a match. Round 1 was played on the KoQ server and as it came to an end, KoQ was up 451-221 (2-0). We then moved onto the EHA server for round 2, and EHA made a great comeback, ending the round 202-431 (0-2). After some minor disputes regarding the final score, KoQ came away with a 653-652 (2-2) victory. That's right folks, a 1 frag win!!! Great Game EHA, and we look forward to the rematch. 

12-15-98: IGL TS FA vs KoQ 
This match was played on the unique map sewer1. Round 1 saw KoQ pull out a 3-0 lead after quite a bit of fragging in the outside. Round 2 saw KoQ pull out a 5-1 lead as a result of some key offensive attacks. Final, 8-1 KoQ Victory. GG FA!! 

12-10-98: IGL 5v5 MC vs KoQ 
Heavy fragging and defense was what this match was all about. But MC snuck a scout in and pulled the flag out just before the match ended, forcing KoQ to send many lights to be slaughtered, hoping for a miracle. 121-60 (1-0) MC victory. GG.

December 10, 1998
ASTFL: DK vs KoQ - Snare 
This Wednesday night was our 3rd match in the ASTFL, which is now being run by our own Jarv (who I think all will agree is doing a great job!).  We faced off against the Dragon Knights, our first meeting against them, for the standard 2x30, 10vs10, 2fort5r contest. 

Round 1 was on the DK server. Do to a bad router or just a general bad connection night, most of KoQ's ISDN players were pinging in the 250-300 range to this server, while our modem players  were lucky to even see the server. As a result of this, KoQ had to take a more conservative setting going into this round.  The round began with both sides stopping the initial rushes, and heavy fighting going on in the bridge area.  Soon, both offenses consisted mostly of heavy classes, fragging it out more then being able to make a valid attempt at the flag. KoQ began to get a significant frag lead, which continued to grow despite having a almost 400 avg ping. As the round came to a close, very little flag movement was involved, and KoQ was in the lead 253(0)-131(0).  

We were now moving back to the KoQ server for Round 2, and all our players got back to their usual pings.  Knowing we were already more then a cap up in frags and going to our home server, KoQ was ready to poor on the Offense for this round. Sporting our newly developed light Defense, our offense blasted out of the gates as the round began. The caps came in early and often for KoQ, as DK seemed to have trouble ever getting their defense situated. Meanwhile, the KoQ defense, lead by Shamuka, Beserq, Nytemare, and Snare, was stopping the DK offense cold, keeping them to only 1 flag touch for the entire round, despite the many valiant attempts DK made for the KoQ flag. As the round ended and the steam cleared, KoQ had taken the round 1827(15) - 143(0) and given us the match victory 2080(15) - 274(0). GG DK, and good luck in your future ASTFL games. 

IGL TeamScore Update 
Our match for next week has changed. Instead of facing MP, we will now be facing Fallen Angels, FA. This will be our first match with these guys, and we look forward to meeting them on the battlefield.
December 9, 1998
IGL TeamScore: FLiPZ vs KoQ - Snare 
Tuesday night was our weekly IGL TeamScore Match. This week we faced off against FLiPZ and the map was 32smooth for a 2x30, 10vs10 match. 

Round 1 began on the KoQ server with both clans pulling out a cap before defenses could be properly set.  Wartribe was then able to wreck havoc on the FLiPZ defense using some slick spy skills to bring in KoQ's 2nd cap. FLiPZ was able to pull out another cap, but then the KoQ 32smooth defense was finally setup and no more caps were allowed. The KoQ offense continued to press the FLiPZ defense, and as the round came to a close KoQ was in the lead 7-2. 

After a slight delay, due to Gamesnet splitting and some player timeouts, Round 2 began on the FLiPZ server. Again both clans pulled out caps in the starting minutes, but this time the KoQ defense recovered much faster and was able to set up a brick wall after the initial cap. The KoQ offense again was able to dismantle the FLiPZ defense using a mixed set of spies, soldiers, and scouts, aided usually by the ever important quad. In the end, KoQ won the round 11-1, taking the match 18-3. GG FLiPZ 

Next week in the IGL TS, KoQ will be facing our friends over at MP, who we always have a fun match with. The map will be sewer1, which should prove to be a great battlefield.

December 4, 1998
IGL 5v5:  Legacy vs KoQ - Snare 
Thursday night was set to be our 2nd match in the IGL 5vs5 League. The map was 2fort4r and we were to face the newcomers, Legacy.  After carefully selecting the 5 Knights to represent us for this match, Mechanix, Nytemare, Shamuka, Snare, and Wartribe, we headed off to the KoQ server. 

The tone of the match quickly took shape, this was going to be an all out frag war. The KoQ offense was meeting strong opposition from the L defense, while at the same time engaging with L outgoing offense. Luckily, the KoQ offense was able to frag their way into giving them an earlier lead.  The L offense was having trouble making head way, but managed to pull off the only flag touch of the match, with the use of a spy and a little help from the famous "phone jack", but it was quickly stopped and the flag contained. 

As the match continued, both clans began using some lighter classes in offense, but it was becoming clear that the flooding KoQ offense coupled with the strong KoQ defense was going to be too much for L and they were forced into a more defensive position.  Dante was called into to take the place of a timed out Wartribe for KoQ, and soon there after the match came to its end. 90-61 KoQ victory. 

Legacy was a class act group, and their friendly demeanor before and after the match is a trait rarely seen in TF clans today. I must say, these smaller player games really add some much needed excitement back into the TF experience. They really allow the spirit of TF to shine through.

December 1, 1998
IGL TS:  FOLD vs KoQ - Jarv 
We met up with Clan FOLD on our weekly IGTL TS match.  This week's flavor was Impact1.  Round 1 was a capless endeavor, with both clans having touches yet not able to make a break-thru. 

For Round2, held on he FOLD server, we decided to make some offensive adjustments to try and remedy the scoreless  first round.  Taking a much more aggressive (light) stance, we were creating opportunities to their flag.  A few relays ensued, but they held firm.   It was their turn to make a run, and had a very successful campaign from the top of our roof which lead to a scout whisking away our flag. 

Being down by a cap, we again poured into their base.  With about 8 minutes left in the match, we made some major ground and moved their flag beyond the T intersection.  This is where the intensity started.  For the next few minutes, KoQ hurriedly kept the flag alive and moved it inch by inch,  FOLD reacted in kind with an organized perimeter defense, fighting off our hordes of incoming offense.  Through the use of  a spy, we were able to move the flag into the caves.  The remaining few minutes were fought in the caverns, as they quickly reset to protect their moved flag.  Our offense pushed on, but FOLD's excellent demoman dashed our hopes as timed expired.   It was a great match, a very close game on what seemed a very "open" map of  Impact1. 

FOLD showed great sportsmanship in both rounds and were truly fun to battle.  We look forward to meeting them again.  GG.   FOLD 1, KoQ 0. 

Don't bury TF yet... 
Who says TF is dead?  Sure, ASTFL had a temporary disappearance and the IGL FF division is a bit disrupted.  Ok,  it is also true that the holiday season is here.  (Busy!)  And that TF2 is around the corner.... 

However, you couldn't tell this with all the matches throughout the TF community taking place.    December looks to be yet another busy month for everyone;  we'll continue playing TF with the same enthusiasm as we did back in August of last year.   Long live TF.

November 24, 1998
Let the Updates Begin - Snare 
Yes, we know, we have serious front page updating problems =) I know I cannot stand going to other clan's pages to see they have not updated in months, so here I am with an update. Don't let the lack of updates fool you though, KoQ has been very active. 

Knights of Quake Welcomes 3 new Members 
KoQ has added 3 experienced players to its ranks over the last 2 months. Mechanix comes to us with lots of sniping and demoman experience with his long time clan AD.  Razor comes to us from CiaB bringing with him a great mix of talent and the always important spy skills.  Nytemare brings to us one the best Engineers i have personally ever seen and a lot of past clan experience, most recently with MC.  

KoQ still accepting applications 
While our roster is almost full, we are still looking for quality individuals to join the KoQ ranks.  We are still in dire need of an experienced LPB sniper, but are always looking for quality players in all classes.  If you feel KoQ might be a place for you, please stop by and fill out our application and tell us all about you and read a little more about what KoQ expects in its recruits.  

League Changes 
We have had quite a few league changes over the past 2 months. We are now involved in 4 leagues: Iron Glove League, Iron Glove League Team Score, All Star Team Fortress League, and Iron Glove League 5vs5.  We had to leave the Second Season of Hell Spawn Wars and DragonWarz 4 in order to make time for these new leagues, but both those leagues are still top notch. 

Match Results 
The latest matches results can always be found on our Clan Info page, but hopefully we will be posting match reports more often here. 
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