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T  E  A  M    F  O  R  T  R  E  S  S     C  L  A  N
News (April - Sept 1998)
Application Match Results

September 20, 1998
Still Seeking Mature, LPB, Dominating Sniper - Snare
KoQ is in dire need of a great lpb sniper.  While skill is important, maturity is a must for any potential KoQ. If you are interested, please visit our application and tell us all about you. Club Memberships not required.

Knights of Quake - Hell Spawn Wars League Champions
KoQ and CFH faced off Saturday night for the Hell Spawn Wars Championship match. Best 2 out of 3 match series, caps only, with no caps carrying over, and sudden death if tied at the end of the 3.

First round was of the CFH server, Well6, 12vs12, TP11. Round began with both sides holding off the early rushes. CFH was winning the fragging game, and got off some flag touches, but the match was a stalemate for 1/2 the match. CFH's offense then was able to pull off a string of great flag touches, and bring home a cap, followed shortly after by a 2nd cap. Meanwhile the KoQ offense had made little headway. With around 5 minutes left, [KoQ] Crotalus HH pulled off some sweet spy moves to catch CFH off guard, and bring home a Cap for KoQ. Some more flag torches by both sides, but the round ended before either side could capitalize. 2-1 CFH victory.

Round two was on the KoQ server, Bam4, 12vs12, TP11. Rounded started off with KoQ making the first flag touch, but a CFH scout was able to wiggle his way past the KoQ sentries and bring out an early Cap for CFH. The KoQ defense was then in place, and so began the offensive push for KoQ. The mixed class KoQ offense was soon able to pull off 2 caps from the CFH basement and turn the tide of this round. As the round continued, the KoQ offense continued to pound through the CFH defense for 3 more caps, while the CFH offense managed to again pull out a cap. 5-2 KoQ victory.

With the series tied at 1-1, the third round took place on the KoQ server, 2fort5, 12vs12, TP11. Once again, CFH stuck first blood with a cap around 15 minutes into the game. What began as mostly a fragging match, quickly turned into a cap fest after the initial CFH cap. KoQ quickly answered with a cap of their own, but CFH managed a 2nd cap also. The clans traded caps again, and with around 2 mins left in the round CFH was up 3-2. Both flags were on the move, and in dramatic fashion KoQ tied the game with 15 secs left in the game, and the game ended before CFH could make their potential winning cap. 3-3 Tie Game

On to Sudden Death Overtime. The Overtime round took place on the CFH server, 12vs12, 2fort5, TP11, first clan to cap wins the Championship. Not sure What to expect in a Sudden Death Round, Both clans appeared to come out with 5-6 man scout rush, and heavy basement defense. Less than 30 secs into the round, KoQ had the flag on the move, after some "self sacrificing" pipe clearing moves. Meanwhile the KoQ defense had not let any CFH anywhere near the flag. Few seconds later the CFH flag was on the bridge, and KoQ could feel the victory on our fingertips. As the Cap was completed, "GG"'s folded the screen from both sides, as KoQ had now claimed the HSW Season One Championship.

KoQ would like to extend a HUGE Thank You to CFH for such an awesome match, and to all the HSW clans and staff for making such a fun league. We look forward to the start of the HSW Second season next week, and the many great games that will surely come from it.

September 11, 1998
Yes, finally an Update - Snare
After a long delay, here is an update some of you may have been waiting for. Just call me a slacker =)

Knights of Quake Welcomes 4 new Members
Since the last update, KoQ has added 4 new members to its roster. ArchVillen and Hopper join as members of our already strong "Dallas Connection", Talruum joins our "Houston Grenaders", and Phrogman starts a new group in KoQ, "California Pimps". Congratulations too all you guys.

Seeking Mature, LPB, Dominating Sniper
KoQ is in dire need of a great lpb sniper.  While skill is important, maturity is a must for any potential KoQ. If you are interested, please visit our application and tell us all about you. Club Memberships not required.

KoQ Defeats CP in HSW Semi-Finals Round
The Hell Span Wars playoffs have been in full swing the past few weeks. With KoQ having defeated DwG and CP having defeated ID in the first round of the HSW playoffs, its was time for KoQ and CP to have an Epic Match up in the Semi-Finals.

The playoffs in HSW have a different format then most tournaments. Each match is a best 2 out of 3 series, caps only, with no caps carrying over between rounds. In the event of a tie after 3 rounds, there is a sudden death 4th round. 

Having a 0-2 match record against CP going into this Semi-Final game, KoQ knew we were going to be in for a hard match. The First round was on the CP server, 2fort5, 30 minutes, 10vs10. As the round opened up, CP opened with their awesome scouts and medics penetrating into the KoQ base, while the KoQ offense was trying to deal with the CP sniper. Little flag touches, but lots of action. About 15 minutes into the round, KoQ saw a sign of hope. Our trusty scouts had their flag on the move. After a few more drops and movements KoQ had struck the first blow with a cap. But CP did not let this affect them. The CP offense continued to press the KoQ base hard, with ther talented medics and soldiers continually hurting the KoQ defense hard. Around 5 minutes later, the CP offense had countered with a cap of their own, tying the game up. Both defenses were now beginning to hold well. But with around 3 minutes to go, CP made a huge push. The KoQ flag was slowly being moved farther and farther, while more KoQ's tried to somehow slow the CP flowing offense. Then, just as the KoQ flag had made its way to the bridge area, the rounded ended, with everyone's emotions exhausted. 1-1 Tie game

The second round was on the KoQ server, bam4, 10vs10. After dealing with around a 35 minute delay because of Internet problems, the round began. Once again, both clans offenses came out fast, and both clans defenses held up strong to the initial rushes. As things continued, KoQ continued to make touches on the CP flag but never quite get it out of their basement. Meanwhile, the KoQ trusted bam4 defense had held CP to no flag touches. Then the KoQ "Dallas Connection" offense began to work its magic. In a span of 10 seconds, 3 different KoQ's had touched and moved the CP flag, with he last KoQ moving the CP flag all the way to the outside area. Soon after, KoQ had made the only capture this bam4 match was going to see. The round continued on much like before, and as the round came to a end, the KoQ defense remained strong, denying CP even a single flag touch. 1-0 KoQ win

After a day delay, the third round of this match took place on the CP server, well6, 10vs10. The round began with both clans sending many scouts and medics, and the CP sniper once again dominating the outside area. The KoQ defense was holding up well, until a few Internet connection/QW timeout problems. The once again talented CP offense saw the opening, and had the KoQ flag on the move. Soon after, CP was on ther way to tying up the series, having made 2 quick captures. Soon after, the KoQ offense answered with a cap of their own, and the KoQ defense was back at full strength. The game remained 2-1 for another 15 minutes or so, with the CP sniper dominating in frags. Then with around 5 minutes to go, KoQ saw their offense take on a new look. They had the look of determination in their eyes, and were not going to be denied the Flag. The KoQ "Dallas Connection" and friends once again had the CP flag on the move. After many battles in the CP water tunnel, KoQ emerged with the Flag, tying the game. But wait, KoQ had managed to slip a member into the CP flag room before their defense could set back up. The flag once again was moved to the CP water tunnel, and again KoQ emerged from the water with the flag. The score was now 3-2 with about 1 minute to go. CP was not going to stick back and watch this round end. They poured on a huge offensive rush, and not only moved KoQ the flag, but had the flag at the KoQ front door as time expired. Once again CP saw ther hopes die by the dreaded timelimit. 3-2 KoQ win.

Having won 2 rounds, KoQ came away with the match victory 2-0-1 (5-3 caps). CP is an awesome clan, and this match easily could have gone either way. Great game Clan Postal.

With the victory, KoQ now moves onto the HSW Championship Match, to be played this weekend against the CFH vs VOID winner.

Other Recent League Match Results
Please visit our Clan Info page which keeps up with all our match results. 
July 19, 1998
Knights of Quake turns 1 Year Old - Snare
A year ago this month, KoQ was formed as a DeathMatch clan between six good friends from college and work.  Little did we expect it to turn in to the respected Team Fortress Clan we are today.  Priding ourselves on maturity and friendship, we are something that is very rare on the Internet and Quake scene today.  Our first year was a great one, and I cannot wait to see what the next one has in store for us (TF2?).

Knights of Quake achieves Veteran Status in the Iron Glove League - Snare
Having played in our 30th IGL game this month, KoQ has reached Veteran Status.  This prestigious ranking allows us many options with our matches.  We are now able to challenge any clan we would like each week, along with choosing maps and settings.  We also receive free entry into IGL special events.  Hard to believe we have been involved in the IGL this long, but it has been an awesome ride so far.

Recent League Match Results
Here is a quick rundown off all of our matches the last 3 weeks.

IGL - KoQ vs NULL - July 19
1x45 minute match on 32smooth, 10vs10, and once again it was a nail biter.  Both clans started out with huge rushes, and the caps were happening left and right.  But soon, NULL was beginning to pull away and before we knew it, we were down 9 Caps.  Both clans began to trade caps back and forth, with the NULL margin never going bellow 7 caps.  Then something happened.  Our defense became a brick wall.  Down 15-22 with around 15 mins to go, KoQ began the biggest come back in our history.  We pulled of 8 unanswered caps, with 4 mins to go.  Then we had to deal with a server crash =( We played a 2nd set 4 minutes long, and at then end of that session, final score was 27-26 (caps) for a KoQ Victory. As always NULL, it was a great, exciting game.

HSW - KoQ vs S3 - July 15
1x45 minutes matches on Rock1. 10vs10. Our first match on Rock1, and it was a success.  Final, 3-0 (caps) Victory for KoQ.  I must say, Rock1 was much funner than i ever expected it to be.

IGL - KoQ vs MP - July 12
1x45 minute matches on Well6. 10vs10.  Match started off with each clan fragging hard, and trading caps for a 2-2 score.  Then MP pulled of some awesome Spy moves and ran off 5 unanswered caps.  Final, our worst defeat to date, 7-2 MP victory

HSW - KoQ vs DWG - July 7
1x45 minute match on 2fort5. 10vs10. DWG jumped out of the gates with a huge scout rush, something we were not prepared for in all our frags+caps matches in the IGL. As a result, DWG jumped out to a 4-0 caps lead.  With some adjustment, we begin to make some headway.  Our soldiers on offense begin to clear paths for our scouts, while our defense had adjusted nicely to the DWG largely scout offense. At the buzzer, we came away with 7-6 (caps) come from behind victory. 

IGL - KoQ vs GT - July 2
2x30 minute matches on Well6. 10vs10.  GT once again showed their ability to frag with the best of them, while at the same time showing amazing team work.  Final 5-1 GT Victory. 

June 28, 1998
New League For KoQ - Snare
This week, KoQ was accepted into the Dragonwarz League. This is one of the premiere leagues in the TF community, and we are very happy to now be apart of it.  We have entered the league in the Fire division.  We cannot wait to see some major action in this league 

Recent League Match Results
Here is a quick rundown off all of our matches the last 2 weeks.

IGL - KoQ vs NULL - June 28
1x45 minute match on Stargate2, 10vs10, and boy was it a blast.  NULL came up with the first cap, but we quickly answered right back. Each team then traded caps two times, until the last 10 minutes of the match, when we pulled out a 4th and final cap.  Our defense held firm and we came away with a 663-551 (4-3 caps) victory.

DW4 - KoQ vs LoL - June 26
2x30 minutes matches on Bam4. 12vs12. Our inaugural match into DW4, and it was a success. In the end, we came away with a  hard fought 24-2 caps victory.

IGL - KoQ vs MP - June 21
2x30 minute matches on 2fort5. 10vs10. After the first match, we were ahead 1-0 in caps, but MP had the upper hand frag wise. We took a more conservative approach for the 2nd game, and it costs us in the end when MP capped with about 7 minutes remaining. Final, a 569-557 (1-1 cap) MP victory.

HSW - KoQ vs Tiger - June 16
1x45 minute match on Well6. 10vs10. A fast paced match, that saw our offense excel, and our defense hold firm. Final, a 16-0 caps KoQ victory. 

June 15, 1998
Latest IGL Match - Snare
Last night we squared off with Gothic Terror for the IGL Central Division Championship.  Map was sk_fort2, 2x30mins, 10vs10.

The first match took place on the KoQ server, and GT got out to a quick frag lead.  Both teams began with heavy sniper control, but KoQ was having a hard time dealing with GT snipers.  The GT frag lead continued to grow, until about the 20 minute mark when KoQ finally had a handle (at least partially) on GT's sniper dominance.  KoQ began to slowly cut into the GT lead, but when the first match ended, GT was a ahead 189-148.

The second match was on GT's server, and knowing we were not going to out frag GT by 40+ on a 2fort type map, we knew a cap was going to be needed.  KoQ came out of the gates rushing the flag hard, and actually having a slight upper hand in sniper control.  The GT flag was moved, as was ours, but no cap was going to be allowed by either team.  KoQ kept up the heavy offense, but GT held firm, not allowing another flag touch, and even moving our flag a few times more.  In the end, GT came out with a convincing  253-152 lead, making the total for the match 442-300 (0-0 caps).

This brought our IGL record to 17-9.  Next week we will be playing a new map, Stargate2, which looks to be a fun map.

Other League Match Results
Our last Hell's Spawn Wars match against Turkeys in Training proved to be an interesting one.  TiT had trouble fielding enough members, so the match began 10vs7.  KoQ quickly took advantage of this, adding more to offense, and capitalizing with a few quick caps.  Some of TiT did not appear to know about the rules of HSW, as one member was banned for mm1 spamm.  At the 21 min mark, the TiT leader decided to call the match, with KoQ leading 1199-83 (11-0 caps).  Afterwards, TiT left the HSW.  Sorry to hear that...

Upcoming League Matches
Our next Hell's Spawn Wars match will be this Tuesday night, June 16, 1998.  We will be facing off against clan Tiger.  The map will be Well6, 10vs10, 45 minute, Teamscore, on our server. 
June 7, 1998
Latest IGL Match - Snare
Wow!! What a fun game!! Tonight in the IGL we faced off with Ministry of Pain, the first time for us to go up against this veteran clan.  The war zone was once again Canalzone, 10vs10, 45min on the MP server.  As the start gun sounded, both clans began what can only be called as WW III.  Grenades flying, bullets whizzing, rockets launching, and when the dust finally settled, KoQ came out with a 391 to 224 teamscore win.  Great Game MP!!  I think its fair to say Canalzone is becoming a favorite of many KoQ Members.

We have now brought our IGL record to 17-8, and kept our right for a Central Division Title Match.  Next Sunday we will be attempting to gain the Central Division Title once again, the default map will be sk_forts2.

Upcoming League Matches
Our first Hell's Spawn Wars Match will be this Tuesday night, June 9, 1998.  We will be facing of against Turkeys in Training.  The map will be Bam4, 10vs10, 45 minute match, Teamscore, on our server. 

We are still accepting applications from any interested individuals.   So if you think you have what it takes to be a Knight, feel free to apply.
May 31, 1998
Latest IGL Match - Snare
Tonight we faced off with the Dogs of War in one heck of a match.  We stepped out on to the IGL's newest playing field, Canalzone, not knowing what to expect, and what transpired was one of the most enjoyable, and closest matches in our history.  When the clock struck twelve, KoQ came away with a 275-271 teamscore win.  Once again, a very close, and intense game with DoW. Great game Dogs...

With this win, we earned a right at a Central Division Title Shot and brought our IGL record to 16-8.  However because the Central Division Champs will play for the League Title next week, we must defend our right for the title shot next Sunday night.  The map will once again be Canalzone.

Upcoming League Matches
The Hell's Spawn Wars league will be kicking off next week. For our first match, we will be facing Vanguard of Vengeance on  Friday, June 5th. The map will be Well6, 10vs10, 45 minute match, Teamscore, on their server. We are really looking forward to the start of this new League.

The Disposable Heroes league will be beginning this week also. We do not know our opponents yet, but we are glad to be starting this league too

Canalzone Scrimmage
We had a scrimmage with The Shaolin Brotherhood this past Thursday night to help prepare both of our clans for our upcoming IGL matches.  TsB again gave us a run for our money. The scrimmage helped us to solidify our Canalzone strategy, and as always it was a pleasure playing against you guys.   So, when are we going to have a KoQ vs. TsB Starcraft War guys? ;-) 
May 27, 1998
Canalzone Scrimmages - Snare
Tonight we had two great scrimmages on Canalzone with fellow IGL clans. The first was with our good friends cM, using the new QW 2.21 and TF 2.8. Boy has this crew improved. Once again it was a great game with cM, and it was a pleasure to play with you guys. Our second scrimmage was with Misfits using good old QW 2.1 and TF 2.7. Another great game with lots of fun involved. Thanks for the scrimmages both of you clans, and we look forward to more scrimmages in the future.

Upcoming IGL Match
Our next IGL match will be against Dogs of War (DoW). Its scheduled for Sunday, May 31at 8:00 p.m. CST. Map will be Canalzone and it will be on the KoQ server. Our last match with these guys came down to the wire, so we are looking forward to a good, close match with these guys again.

Things are beginning to move fast in our recruitment department, so if you are interested in becoming a Knight, i suggest you fill out the application soon. Feel free to stop by our IRC channel if you have any questions, or you can email us to.
May 24, 1998
Lack of News? - Jarv
No, not really... but I have been very bad about updating our public news page.  Recently, I got a email from someone asking if KoQ was going to be inactive for the summer.  The answer to that is a loud NO!  We, actually plan on expanding and playing more games in the next few months.

I'm also proud to announce that Snare will be helping me in updating our public news page.  Hopefully our updates will return back with frequency!

KoQ is taking in applications again.   We are looking for all classes, but especially highly skilled snipers and soldiers.  We value character, maturity and skill.   If you feel you have the qualities of being a Knight, feel free to apply

Next IGL Match
To prepare for our next IGL match on Canalzone, we are looking for other clans to hold scimmages with on this map.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Match Recaps
A quick glance at our most recent battles:

05-17-98 Iron on Well6 (IGL)
A close and intense game. Always a pleasure to play against Iron.  KoQ 309, Iron 282 (1-1).

05-10-98 GT on Well6 (IGL)
GT breaks away mid game and came out with a convincing win.  GT 898, KoQ 463 (6-2).

05-03-98 DoW on 2Tech4 (IGL)
Poor map and server conditions lead to a boring match. KoQ 190, DoW 188 (0-0).

05-02-98 DS on 2Fort5 (NL)
Simply the most exciting battle we have experienced! Hail DS!  KoQ 1527, DS 1103 (10-6)

04-19-98 Null on Bam4 (IGL)
Close but no cigar!  We were inches from a cap as time expired.  Null 331, KoQ 232 (0-0)

Tthis brings our current recond in the IGL to 15 wins and 8 losses.

Congrations to Cadrys, Crotalus, and Dante for reaching veteran status on May 19th.  It only seems like yesterday that they were newbies to KoQ. :-)  Since that time, they have proved themselves to be very dedicated and superb members for the clan.  As a class of recruits, they are probably the finest we have taken  in at one single time. 

New Tournaments
KoQ has just joined the HSW and Disposable Heroes tournaments.  We are looking for a more active summer.  As always, we will continue to be involved in the IGL 

Previous News (April 1998)


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