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News Archive (August 97)
Java Chat Client
I justed added a java chat client in the "Qplug" section.  I'll rename the section into something else when I get some time...  Its a great client into the GamesNET chat network -- and we're going to be using it and a new chat channel from here on out.  Look for email on Friday concerning the new changes.

Efnet will serve as our backup system when/if GamesNET has problems...

DeathMatch Essentials
Here's an interested mod (especially for future LAN sessions) that allows you see which weapon your opponent is using.  It also adds the ability to crouch, crawl, and various other extra frames of animation.   It is probably a matter of time before someone starts running this mod on a server too -- although it will be Net Quake... blah!  Visit their homepage for more information...

GL Quake v0.95
A new version of GL Quake has been released.  It  is suppose to fix a few bugs concerning the Quake Mission Packs and GL.
TFiguration Pages
We've added an additional webpage to support Snare's TFiguration.  You can access it from the link at the top of this page.

Tuesday Night Meeting
A screenshot from our meeting last night is posted.   Our invited guest, Rellika, went along with us and had a good showing... and Avalanche lives!  Welcome back, Doug. : )
TFiguration v1.4 Update
Snare has released an update for TFiguration (36k).  It is now TF 2.6 friendly!

Team Fortress QSpy Tab
I should have posted this earlier.  Here is a custom tab (1k) which way make sorting out TF servers much easier.  It'll take you less than a minute to do it, and it is well worth it.

Ion Storm released DM7 (they touched it up -- it was originally left out of the final Quake product).  The level is very intertwined, and since it is an id level it will probably get played on DM servers.  Its a good map to add to your arsenal.   Here is DM7 (264k) linked from sCary's Shuga Shack.

If you haven't visited the Shuga Shack lately, treat yourself and read his crazy articles.
Happy Birthday Team Fortress!
Yesterday was TF's one year anniversary!  If you didn't play any yesterday, then you missed out.  The TF programmers have a wacky sense of humor and made some interesting "gifts" in the game.  (Doh!  We could have been playing TF for the past year...heh)

Team Fortress Ring
We're now an official member of the TF Ring.  Check it out, its near the bottom of this page.

Misc. ramblings...
Well, these are all the TF maps that I currently have on my computer:  2fort4, rock1, well6, 2fort32, 2sphinx6, 32smooth, aquabase15, canalzon, havoc, havoc32b, hedge6, massivtf, street1 and wall.  Hopefully you have all these in your collection too.  Let me know if there are other maps that we should include.

A few new screenshots have been posted.
Other TF Maps
It is time we got a few extra TF maps to expand our options while playing!  I've already played on a server running Street1 and it was a blast!

Please take a few moments to download all the files listed below.  I was really lazy and copied parts of the directory for you all the use.  Enjoy.

Current directory is /pub/quake/levels/team_fortress

  .message           225 bytes Sat Feb 01 00:00:00 1997
  2sphinx6.txt         2 Kb    Thu Jun 19 16:27:00 1997 Plain Text       668 Kb    Thu Jun 19 16:38:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  32smooth.txt         1 Kb    Tue Jul 01 19:19:00 1997 Plain Text       701 Kb    Tue Jul 01 19:27:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  aquaba15.txt         1 Kb    Fri Jul 04 20:41:00 1997 Plain Text       714 Kb    Fri Jul 04 20:46:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  canalzon.txt         5 Kb    Tue Jul 01 18:25:00 1997 Plain Text      1029 Kb    Tue Jul 01 18:24:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  havoc32b.txt         3 Kb    Mon Apr 28 09:54:00 1997 Plain Text       541 Kb    Mon Apr 28 09:54:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  massivtf.txt         3 Kb    Sun Jun 08 12:12:00 1997 Plain Text      1122 Kb    Sun Jun 08 12:25:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  street1.txt         70 bytes Tue Jul 29 19:49:00 1997 Plain Text        764 Kb    Tue Jul 29 19:36:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
  wall.txt             1 Kb    Wed Jul 02 09:35:00 1997 Plain Text           737 Kb    Wed Jul 02 09:40:00 1997 Zip Compressed Data
Team Fortress 2.6 Final
Its been released!  It comes in two flavors: client and entire (client & server) installation packages.  As long as you have already downloaded TF 2.5, you can pick up one of the upgrade packages.  You can snag these files from the Team Fortress HQ in their download section.

Well, this is pretty much an ICQ clone.  It covers the same spectrum of functions, but it might be more reliable than the ICQ Network (hey, that shouldn't be too tough) since its fairly new and not quite as popular.  It has a pretty nifty interface and in worse case, it can be a backup to irc and icq when those are acting up!  Please grab a copy today and see what you think.  You can download it from the IChat website.  It is approximately 2.7 megs in size.

Both of these files are also available in our files section.
Site Problems, Pt 2
Well, things were back to normal for a while and then it bombed again.  Here is a sniplet from a mailing sent out from Gibbed's admin:

It looks like the site will stay here at BU for another week or so (Sept 1st).  You can test and see if is online by using the link above.
Site Problems
I'm sorry about the problems that has had recently.  On their news (before it was nuked, hehe) the administrators reinforced their commitment into making a top-notch and reliable Quake hosting site.   Things happen!! -- and hopefully everything will be straightened out soon.  In the meantime, please keep a hold of the old bookmark, just in case...

I had to resend all the pages on to the server, so if there are any new bugs, let me know.

Other stuff...
Snare has a new email address, it is
Assman suggests visiting this site:
New Home!
We've finally moved our site, thanks to the terrific people at   Gibbed is so much faster than the old BU server, plus they are going to create a community of Quakers with activities such as clan tournaments.   Hopefully we'll be very pleased with our new home.

I'm back...
Well, no major catches for me...  I did catch a small (8 lb) salmon and an awful dogfish (shark).   It was a fun trip, and Canada is really a beautiful country.   I'll tell more about it later.  For now, I'll be searching for bugs associated with our site move -- so if you find any broken links, please let me know.

News and meetings will resume to normal very shortly!
Errors in new GL versions...
If you are experiencing any "kernel32" IPF errors while using the GL clients, make sure:
    1.    You are using the latest drivers for your 3dfx card, based on Glide 2.4 or higher.
    2.    And for TF, double check to make sure the TF 2.5 Fix is installed.

I had initial problems using QW 2.0 w/GL, but its was resolved after reinstalling my drivers.  This is especially important for anyone that may have already installed DirectX 5.0 -- reinstall your 3dfx drivers!

How do you guys like the new display?  I love it.  Also, the GL version plays so much faster that I am actually using it for internet play.   Zoid and Morbid have done a terrific job with QW since Carmack handed it over to them!

TFiguration in the news
This should have been mentioned a few days ago, but Snare's TFiguration has gotten publicity through Redwood's and a few other quake newssites.  He should be congratulated for making a useful program for the TF public, and he's getting his first batch of "help me!" emails from users everywhere.   Hehehe.  I think a FAQ should be a priority for him.  If not, atleast more documentation... ("Whatt is a .cfg file?)  ; )
Corrupt Screenshots?
If you have had any problems (or know of a solution) with the Screenshot command in QW 2.0, send email to Revy{SW}.  He's encountered problems with it locking-up the regular QW client while attempting to grab a screenshot.  I haven't experienced any screenshot problems with regular or gl quakeworld... but if you have, let him know.
QuakeWorld 2.0
Hooray!  The new version of QuakeWorld 2.0 w/QSpy 5.3 (1.4 mb)  was released on August 9th.  Grab your copy now!!!

Here is a list of changes (taken directly from

New features and fixes in the client:

     QuakeSpy 5.3
     Enhanced player to player clipping keeps players from walking througheach other
     A rerecord option to reconnect to the same server recording a new demo
     Average team ping calculation
     noskins 2 option to use the skins you do have, but not download any you don't have
     GLQuake: 8 bit texture support, really reduces the slowdowns totexture thrashing in
         crowded areas and improves the framerate
     GLQuake: players with the quad or pentagram glow blue or red respectively
     Various other small optimizations for GL Quake

Lan Party in WacKo, TX
Camel, Pek-r and I played Quake locally via lan with a few guys from the Muppet Clan.  MC-Yoda and MC-Scooter are excellent Quakers, BTW... : )  We all had fun, and I am looking forward to playing lan Quake with them again!
Changes, Part I
I've redone the format of our webpage.  I hope everyone likes it better than the previous version.  If not, this is the time to send feedback and express your thoughts before I stick to this format. : )

I still think frames are evil -- but I do have a frame-based version if the site finds a new home.  The BU server continues to act strangely and is unacceptable for frames.

Strategy Pages
Our first batch of pages are underway, but don't hold your breath!
TFiguration v1.2 Full
Snare has made a new full package installer for TFiguration.  If you already own v1.0, you just need to get the v1.2 update.  Otherwise,  you can get the full installation in the files section.

E-stats v0.91
Well, I forgot to include the pbomb model in the pak file.  It'll still work if you've already downloaded it -- if not, the file has been updated.  Use the same link from 8-1-97...

New Counter & Banner
I'm trying out a different counter.  Wow.  The original one was java based, and the new one is a cgi script.  The banner is getting a new look too --  atleast we aren't ripping off the HellKnight model anymore.  (Other pages will contain the usual banner until I do another update.)

Let me know if it helps to speed up loading times on this page.  And yes, we are looking for a new, faster site to call home!

Redwood, Blue, and Jarv?!?
Hehehe, over at Buzzkill's Quake Page, he mentions me in the same sentence as our favorite Quake news guys.  Watch out, big fellas... : )  (I helped him with a few issues concerning the MS Intellimouse.)
This is that QuakeC mod that I have been working on.  Its still not complete, but I am going to go ahead and post Estats v0.91(228k) for those interested.  Remember, its primarily an in-game statistics program for Quake.  A few extra features:  the SMB Pipebomb, proximity explosions, and finally -- aliases to common impulse commands.  Be sure to look at the readme.txt file if you have questions on installing the mod.

Sniper Training 101
Here's a map I made to practice up on your TF snipering skills.  Sniped.bsp(130k) is based on 2fort4.  Any feedback is appreciated.

TFiguration v1.2 Update
Snare has released an update for TFiguration.  Grab it here.

KoQ Meetings
Our meetings are temporarily cancelled.  Everything should get back to normal within a week(s).  Please see the email for details.

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