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T  E  A  M    F  O  R  T  R  E  S  S     C  L  A  N
Application Match Results
December 4, 1998
IGL 5v5:  Legacy vs KoQ - Snare 
Thursday night was set to be our 2nd match in the IGL 5vs5 League. The map was 2fort4r and we were to face the newcomers, Legacy.  After carefully selecting the 5 Knights to represent us for this match, Mechanix, Nytemare, Shamuka, Snare, and Wartribe, we headed off to the KoQ server. 

The tone of the match quickly took shape, this was going to be an all out frag war. The KoQ offense was meeting strong opposition from the L defense, while at the same time engaging with L outgoing offense. Luckily, the KoQ offense was able to frag their way into giving them an earlier lead.  The L offense was having trouble making head way, but managed to pull off the only flag touch of the match, with the use of a spy and a little help from the famous "phone jack", but it was quickly stopped and the flag contained. 

As the match continued, both clans began using some lighter classes in offense, but it was becoming clear that the flooding KoQ offense coupled with the strong KoQ defense was going to be too much for L and they were forced into a more defensive position.  Dante was called into to take the place of a timed out Wartribe for KoQ, and soon there after the match came to its end. 90-61 KoQ victory. 

Legacy was a class act group, and their friendly demeanor before and after the match is a trait rarely seen in TF clans today. I must say, these smaller player games really add some much needed excitement back into the TF experience. They really allow the spirit of TF to shine through. 

December 1, 1998
IGL TS:  FOLD vs KoQ - Jarv 
We met up with Clan FOLD on our weekly IGTL TS match.  This week's flavor was Impact1.  Round 1 was a capless endeavor, with both clans having touches yet not able to make a break-thru. 

For Round2, held on he FOLD server, we decided to make some offensive adjustments to try and remedy the scoreless  first round.  Taking a much more aggressive (light) stance, we were creating opportunities to their flag.  A few relays ensued, but they held firm.   It was their turn to make a run, and had a very successful campaign from the top of our roof which lead to a scout whisking away our flag. 

Being down by a cap, we again poured into their base.  With about 8 minutes left in the match, we made some major ground and moved their flag beyond the T intersection.  This is where the intensity started.  For the next few minutes, KoQ hurriedly kept the flag alive and moved it inch by inch,  FOLD reacted in kind with an organized perimeter defense, fighting off our hordes of incoming offense.  Through the use of  a spy, we were able to move the flag into the caves.  The remaining few minutes were fought in the caverns, as they quickly reset to protect their moved flag.  Our offense pushed on, but FOLD's excellent demoman dashed our hopes as timed expired.   It was a great match, a very close game on what seemed a very "open" map of  Impact1. 

FOLD showed great sportsmanship in both rounds and were truly fun to battle.  We look forward to meeting them again.  GG.   FOLD 1, KoQ 0. 

Don't bury TF yet... 
Who says TF is dead?  Sure, ASTFL had a temporary disappearance and the IGL FF division is a bit disrupted.  Ok,  it is also true that the holiday season is here.  (Busy!)  And that TF2 is around the corner.... 

However, you couldn't tell this with all the matches throughout the TF community taking place.    December looks to be yet another busy month for everyone;  we'll continue playing TF with the same enthusiasm as we did back in August of last year.   Long live TF. 

November 24, 1998
Let the Updates Begin - Snare 
Yes, we know, we have serious front page updating problems =) I know I cannot stand going to other clan's pages to see they have not updated in months, so here I am with an update. Don't let the lack of updates fool you though, KoQ has been very active. 

Knights of Quake Welcomes 3 new Members 
KoQ has added 3 experienced players to its ranks over the last 2 months. Mechanix comes to us with lots of sniping and demoman experience with his long time clan AD.  Razor comes to us from CiaB bringing with him a great mix of talent and the always important spy skills.  Nytemare brings to us one the best Engineers i have personally ever seen and a lot of past clan experience, most recently with MC.  

KoQ still accepting applications 
While our roster is almost full, we are still looking for quality individuals to join the KoQ ranks.  We are still in dire need of an experienced LPB sniper, but are always looking for quality players in all classes.  If you feel KoQ might be a place for you, please stop by and fill out our application and tell us all about you and read a little more about what KoQ expects in its recruits.  

League Changes 
We have had quite a few league changes over the past 2 months. We are now involved in 4 leagues: Iron Glove League, Iron Glove League Team Score, All Star Team Fortress League, and Iron Glove League 5vs5.  We had to leave the Second Season of Hell Spawn Wars and DragonWarz 4 in order to make time for these new leagues, but both those leagues are still top notch. 

Match Results 
The latest matches results can always be found on our Clan Info page, but hopefully we will be posting match reports more often here. 
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