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TF Spy Strategies

Spy Strategies by [KoQ] Assman
    The Spy in Team Fortress is what I believe to be the COOLEST class.  The Spy does not have the raw killing power of some of the other classes, he makes up for this in his stealth abilities. Additionally, the Spy has what I think is the most satisfying weapon in TF, the knife!  Although its a tough weapon to use, because it forces you to be at close range, it has the ability to take out an enemy with one (or two on the highly armored classes) swift and correctly placed blows.  There is nothing like taking out a superior armed and armored class (can you say Heavy Weapons Guy!) with the simplest weapon in the game.  Although the Spy is not a very good defensive player, he does have several modes of play on offense.  He can gather intelligence on the enemy defenses, he can take out any unsuspecting enemy forces and he can go for the flag.  Below are some strategies and tips that I have found useful when playing as a Spy.

The name is Bond, James Bond

    Intelligence gathering is what the spy can do the best!  Change your skin to any other TF class, except the Heavy Weapons Guy and the Soldier (the extra speed of the spy will give you away!) and the change your skin color to the opposing team.  With this done, you can sneak into the enemy base easily and check out what type of defenses the enemy has.  This intelligence gathering is invaluable when the enemy team has set up a couple of sentry guns placed to mow anyone down who comes near, or a Heavy Weapons Guy who is hiding in the shadows near the flag. Although you don't get the glory of a flag capture or the satisfaction of a kill, your teammates will greatly appreciate it.
This guy is pretty friendly for the enemy!

The Easy Kills

    If the intelligence gathering gets a little old, and you crave the taste of blood, you can use the spy to do some creative and sometimes easy kills. Once again, change your skin and color and sneak into the enemy base.  However don't be tempted to use any of the projectile weapons the spy has or you'll be a red stain on the floor.  The Knife is the best weapon for the spy!  For maximum effectiveness, I recommend that you change into the enemy medic or engineer, otherwise the other team may have suspicions on why you're running around with the axe!  The advantage of the medic skin is that people will come up to you and beg for your medicine.  (A healthy dose of steel will serve them nicely! HeHe!)  Then while in the enemy base, come up from behind on an enemy, and stab him in the back. (The knife does maximum damage in the back, 6X the normal damage of an axe!)  A really easy class to kill is the sniper, since they are usually "distracted" away from the immediate surroundings!  (The spy can take out a whole nest of snipers without one of them firing a shot!)  On the other enemy classes, your kills need to be made in an area without a lot of activity.  If the enemy sees you stab a teammate, you're toast because your skin reverts back to normal after you use your weapon.  Lastly, don't forget to change back into the medic after a kill!  This mistake will cost you your life,  and it will make the other team aware that a spy is on the loose. (Which can make your next assault a little tougher...)
Snipers make easy targets!  Don't look behind you pal!
Nothing' like a knife in the back! HeHeHe!

Going for the Gusto

    Capturing the flag is the best way to rack up the points against the enemy.  The spy can do this as well.  Once again, change into an enemy skin and infiltrate their base.  This is a fairly easy task to do with the spy.  But before you take the flag,  find the best way out of the base.  (You have all the time in the world, so do it!)  Otherwise,  you probably won't make it out alive with the flag. . (Remember,  your skin changes back once you have the flag!) Find the soft spot in the base. (Can you go underwater? Is the front door unguarded?)  Then get the flag and RUN LIKE HELL!  You may want to change your weapon to the tranquilizer gun and shoot anyone that you pass on the way out. But no matter what -- DON'T STOP! (The tranqs don't kill,  but are annoying to the enemy)  The spy is no match for any class once out of his disguise.

General Tips

Here are some general tips when playing as a spy:

- Don't change your skin color while in your own base.  Two main reasons:  (1) a smart enemy sniper may wonder why a "teammate" is running out of the enemy base, and (2) you don't want to confuse your own teammates!   If you can, change your color at the wall that separates the two bases on The Well, or a dark corner near the entrance to the enemy base on 2 Forts and other levels.

- The spy is a difficult class to play on The Rock.  The spotlights will give you away all the time!  Try to run in with a teammate and let him get killed by the snipers!

- Use the enemy health and ammo if you can.  A great spot for this is in the loft area on The Well.

- Don't be lured to use the projectile weapons.  They will betray you.

- Use the Knife & stab the enemy in the back.

- Don't let the superior armor, health, and firepower of other classes keep you from taking them on.  The Knife is a great weapon at extremely close range, use it to your advantage. (Heavy Weapon Guys can be stabbed to death)

- Use your speed.  Don't stop running when you have the flag.  Circle strafe around the tougher enemies while you stab them.

-  Don't forget the "feign death" skill...
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Copyright 1997 by Jeff Case and [KoQ]