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TF Scout Strategies

Strategies by [KoQ] Jarv
    The Scout is a class that is easily overlooked by most players.   This is understandable -- as the Scout has limited firepower and limited armor.  He does, however, make up for it with his speed.  Especially once the TF servers start running QW 2.0, nothing will be able to touch his speed.
    Offensively, the Scout is an excellent flag courier.  His speed enables him to circle strafe enemies while firing his nail gun.   Against slower or hurt enemies, it is possible for the Scout to rack up kills in spite of the weak offensive firepower.

    Defensively, in my opinion, the Scout is a door-mat.  He has no stopping power whatsoever -- and should be used sparingly for this purpose.  There are times when you'll  uncover a spy,  you should definitely attempt to kill the enemy.  As well as situations where you can slow down or stop the enemy flag carrier - you simply must try to make the most of him.   He can play a little defense, just don't pick this class if that is your primary responsibility!

    When I play the Scout, I tend to concentrate on capturing the flag only.  Kills and reconnaissance is secondary for me -- and likewise, my score will not be the top score of my team.  Remember the keyword, team, because even though flag capturing is unsung at times -- you'll be doing the team a favor by advancing the flag the best that you can.  If it means scoring captures all the time, then do it.  If your primary job is to sacrifice yourself while advancing the flag to a spot where teammates can get it,  try the best you can.

Flag Capturing Strategy

    On 2fort4, I will usually enter the flag room through the enemy elevator entrance area.  Grab the flag, and immediate run out toward the winding ramp area (of course!).  Make sure to drop off a few trailing flash and concussion grenades while you're running.   Its important to try and slow down the enemy, but not if it slows you down!  Once you're past them, they are not going to catch you.  Do not try to directly engage the enemy while carrying the flag -- only make a straight path toward your goal.  Proceed to the sniper loft and jump down onto the bridge.

At this point, you can make two decisions:

1) You can continue to run on the bridge and into your fort.
     + It is the most direct path
     + If you get killed, the flag will be dropped in an easy place for your teammates to recover
     - You are an easy target for enemy snipers

    If I take this path, it is either a quick score or I 'll get fragged.  If I die with the flag on the bridge, I'll simply yell "Flag on Bridge" and someone will continue the mission.


2) You can jump into the water and swim through the tunnel.
     + It is safer the crossing the middle of the bridge (better chance of capturing it youself)
     - It is a longer path than the first option
     - If you drop the flag while underwater, it is much more difficult for your teammates to recover it

    If there is too much activity on the bridge, or if I am uninjured and think I can make it, I'll try the underwater method.  Be prepared -- if you die while in the water, you are probably going to have to come back and get the flag yourself upon respawning.

Miscellaneous Activities
    There are a few special abilities of the Scout that are useful in certain situations.  He can diffuse a detpack by running to it.  It may take a few seconds, but you may save a room full of teammates.  If the enemy is continually dropping detpacks in your main lobby, you should stay nearby to search for dropped detpacks.

    The ability to detect enemy spies can be really helpful too!   Usually I encounter spies by pure chance.   The screen will read, "Wait a minute... that was a spy."  Then I will chase them down and/or warn my team about the intruder.   If your team is having major problems with spy infiltration, you can loiter around base "choke-points" and verify everyone coming into that section.   You'll quickly uncover spies and your teammates will love you for it.

    Lastly, the Scout's most famous skill is his ability to scan.   Scanning can give information concerning if enemies are in a certain scan radius.  Personally, I find the scanning ability tedious -- I prefer to visually check (and run out of) areas to search for enemy numbers and positions.  However, the degree of scanning can be altered (area) with the cost of additional cells.  So, although I don't use it much, scanning can be helpful.  A great use for scanning is if you are leading a strike-team, you can forewarn your teammates about enemy proximity.  Other than that, I feel it is not a very useful ability.   When you're trying to return the flag, scanning is the last thing that will be on your mind!

    I enjoy playing as a Scout when I am in a flag-capturing mood.  It is fun, fast, and nonstop evasive action!  There are other times, when our team may be lagging in points, I'll try to generate action playing as a Scout.  Since it doesn't have the firepower or disguising ability as other classes do, it is the most challenging to play.
    + very fast running speed     - limited weaponry and armor
    + ability to disarm detpacks     - defensive/escape grenades only
    + ability to uncover enemy spies     - very poor defensive player
    + ability to scan for players     - limited usefulness of the scan ability
    + excellent flag courier
At the bare minimum -- if you do not like the Scout class, consider this:  if you happen to take (and advance) the enemy flag and get killed while carrying  it, switch over to the Scout.  He may be your best bet to quickly reach the spot where the flag was dropped and to bring it home.  Sometimes, when you need something done, it is best to do it yourself!
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Copyright 1997 by Michael Fiddes and [KoQ]