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Miscellaneous Tips...

A reminder by [KoQ] Jarv
    This is not an attempt to list every command available, but rather ones that are very useful and probably overlooked...  Commands are specificly geared toward TF 2.6 on QuakeWorld.  Other usage may not work properly.
Auto Config Execution Change Class Class Help Console "Scrolling"
Discard Flag Information Identify Inventory
Pushlatency Reload Save Me Show Classes
Status Bar Team Communication
Auto Config Execution
With TF 2.6 and above, it will automatically call a .cfg upon changing classes if you have a variable set.  The config file must be name the same as the changeclass command in order to work.  For example: spy = spy.cfg, hwguy = hwguy.cfg, sniper = sniper.cfg.. etc.

This feature really makes customizing your keys very easy and dynamic.


    setinfo exec_class <off/on>
I am very thankful for this feature, since I can have keys like "TAB" set to different values for each class.  Its really helpful.

Change Class
This command, like pushlatency, should not be anything new to you.  Most servers will allow you to change into another class mid-game by simply typing in the class name.  This command will bring up the Class menu that appeared in the start of the game -- just in case you have forgotten the proper class name to type (see heavy weapons guy... heh).



Class Help
Class Help is the information displayed as soon as you change into a class.  It is on by default.  Although it is quite helpful when you first start playing TF, it can get annoying very quickly.

    setinfo ch <off/on>

I set mine off, so I can actually see what I am doing when I respawn into a different class.

Console "Scrolling"  Speed
This one really isn't a big deal, but there is a variable that you can set to control the speed at which the console (tilde~) comes down.  I set my to the value of 2000 (default is 300) to make it disappear very quickly.  There have been many times when I have been in console mode only to have an enemy attack me.

    scr_conspeed <value>

Please use this command.  "Discard" drops all the ammunition that is not directly usable by the class.

There is no reason for a sniper to steal all the rockets, when he can't ever use them.  It is alright to grab the rockets initially (so you can also get grenades), but leave behind the ammo for others to use.

Get into the habit of discarding before leaving the ammo room.  The only exception is the engineer when upgrading his sentry to level three, which can use rockets.  It is also suggested that spies do not discard so they can use that ability elsewhere...


    bind <key> "discard"

Flag Information
The command, "flaginfo" will let you know the status of both flags.  It will tell you if it in their base, lying on the ground, or who is carrying the flag.  Wonder no more, because you can find out without asking...


    bind <key> "flaginfo"

The identify command, "id" will tell you the name of the person or entity that you are pointing at.  It is useful to communicate to specific people.  When trying to identify an enemy spy, they will report back a name of someone on your team... if they report your name, obviously they are not who they say they are.


    bind <key> "id"

Now you can tell off the teammate that continually fires at you to no avail...

"Inv" allows you to see all that you are carrying -- your inventory.  Useful to check on how many hand grenades (and of each type) you have left.



Well, if this is the first time you've heard about it -- I am very sorry you had to learn about it here.  Its actually one of the best features of QuakeWorld.  The command tries to counteract lag by considering how much latency (lag) and adjusting to it.  The reason I mention this in my article, is to suggest that you insert it into your autoexec.cfg file or something similiar.  This way, you don't have to think about it (and possibly forget) each time you play TF.

As a 28.8 bps modem player, I set my value to -300 which is in my autoexec.cfg.

    pushlatency <value>

Try to put in a negative value that is opposite of your average ping.   Using a positive number as a value will actually increase lag.

<taken directly from TF readme.txt>

All basic weapons except the Nailgun and Super Nailgun have clips. When all the ammo in a clip is spent, the weapon is reloaded. This can take anywhere from 1 second for the Shotgun to 4 seconds for the Rocket Launcher. Ammo amounts in the clips varies between weapons.
While reloading, you cannot change weapons. You can force a reload at any time by using the "reload" alias. This is good if you've got a few spare seconds, and you've only go one shot left in your rocket launcher clip. The time taken to reload in this manner depends on how many shots you fired in the clip.

... well stated.

Nothing is worse than running out of ammo when you need it the most.  Effective when used with the status bar.


    bind <key> "reload"

Save Me
This command calls for help.  If you are low on health, or afflicted with a disease (or grenade effect) call upon a Medic to heal you.  Or if you're low on armor, call so that an Engineer will build up your armor..

Its not a guarantee that anyone will help out, but it does put out a distress signal.


    bind <key> "saveme"

Show Classes
Are you tired of people asking, "Do we have an engineer?"  With this command, you'll know exactly who is on your team and which classes are represented.

Very useful when trying to choose a class when joining a game already in progress.



Status Bar
The Status bar is a helpful feature that most people do not turn on.  It tells you the team score, as well as extra information depending in the class.  For the engineer, it will let you know the health of your sentry; for the soldier, it will let you know how many rockets are left in the current clip; etc.  Thanks to Snare for reminding me about this.

<taken from TF readme.txt>

    setinfo sbar_size <position>
    setinfo sbar_res <y-axis resolution>


   <position> is either 1, 2, or 3. The position you should use depends on how
   much of a console you use:
        1 : Full Console
        2 : Half or No Console

   <resolution> is either 200, 240, 300, 350, 384, 400, 480, 600, or 768. It
   should correspond to the Y value of the res you run quake in.

When I play using GL Quake in 512x384 mode, these are my settings:

    setinfo sbar_size 1
    setinfo sbar_res 384

And its adding into a file which is automatically executed during TF startup.  Now, when I play as a soldier, I know exactly when I should reload my clip...

Team Communication Keys
Everyone needs to communicate with their teammates.  I have seen many people struggle to get a message off, such as "Alert, spy in base!"  They hurridly type in the message... perhaps with errors... in the meantime, being in a vulnerable state while typing in the message.

Although there are certain times when you must type something in manually, you can bind the most used phrases to keys -- within the reach of one quick button.

Think of the phrases you communicate to your team the most, and bind it to a key for easy usage.  Your function keys (F1, F2, etc.) may be a good candidate for these common messages.


    bind <key> "say_team <your message>"


    bind "F9" "say_team Need help at flag area!"

More to be added...
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