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TF Medic Strategies

Strategies by [KoQ] Jarv
    A healer and killer, all wrapped up in one class.  Medics, of course, can heal injured teammates.  Fortunately, the medic also has good offensive capabilities as well.   They have average speed, decent armor, and the use the super-nailgun provides a formidable class.  Not to forget the ability to infect their opponents with disease... Remember, the full name of this class is the Combat Medic!
    The Medic has a diverse role in TeamFortress.  The obvious role of healing, is a defensive one.   With the swing of his medkit, he can return a player to normal health, give a player extra health, and cure a disease.   Medics can prepare their teammates for battle by giving them extra health points.  Although the effects are only temporarily, extra health (along with extra armor from an engineer) gives your teammates an additional advantage over the enemy.   By using the "id" (identification) command, you can quickly gather the health status of any player and heal them appropriately.   Your teammates can also issue a "saveme" command to alert you of their needs for healing.  These players will be shown with a bright flash around them, as well as an audible request.

    They also have an indirect ability to detect spies.  If you place yourself near choke points, you can "hit" all incoming players with your axe.  In QW play, the axe functions as a medkit or bioweapon, depending upon the object that it is used on.   Hitting all incoming teammates will bring them back to normal health; hitting a spy will cause them to scream and to become infected.  Either way, you're doing a real important service for your team.


    Two words... "Super Nailgun."  The Medic can destroy his opposition in seconds with this weapon.  Circle-strafing an enemy with the super nailgun is an essential skill to have while playing this class.  They even have the super shotgun in their weapon arsenal as a backup.  In close range, the bioweapon is deadly.  Although not as much initial damage as a back stabbing spy, a bioweapon hit will always lead to an eventual death for the opponent (unless he gets healed by one of his medics!).
While the opponent is alive, he is able to spread the disease if he comes into contact with others.   So, it is possible to infect a single opponent, and in turn kill many more enemies due to disease breakout.  (Beware, the disease could spread to your teammates as well, if the infected enemy comes in contact with them.)

    Medics are excellent members of any strike-team.  They can accompany a team of slower classes (ex: soldiers) and chase down the enemy, as well as healing up your teammates after a heated exchange.  They can extend the life of any unit, as well as contributing offensively.  During the course of any offensive strike, it is not uncommon to see a Medic take a detour into a sniper-loft to help with "sniper-control."  Simply hitting each Sniper with one hit of the Bioweapon is enough... there is no need to kill them immediately.  It gives a new meaning to the phrase, "Hit and run."

    Medics carry hand and concussion grenades too -- so they can definitely help to capture the flag.  Also worth mentioning -- the Medic slowly heals himself over time.  As you can see, the Medic is no push-over on offense.


    While playing as a Medic, it is important to fill your specific role.  If you don't like the idea of performing needed tasks -- then don't be one.  Nothing is more annoying that someone yelling for a Medic, only to have the Medic run away and ignore everyone.   You must heal your teammates -- it is your duty.   Try to "id" everyone you can and heal those who need it.   Even if they don't ask to be healed.

    On offense, many people try to use the bioweapon as the main killing weapon.  This is foolish -- use your Super Nailgun.  There will be opportunities to swing out the bioweapon (creeping up behind people, attacking slow enemies,  in a very enclosed area), but don't bring it out until it is time.  Its funny to see people using the Medic offensively that forget about the Super Nailgun. Yes, I think it is fun to infect people, but use that ability wisely.

    Also, be considerate when you are healing a player.  Make sure it is a good/proper time... I have seen too many Medics obstruct a teammate, leading to both of them getting killed.  Be smart -- don't block their view, and don't be healing if you have an enemy to finish off first!
    + good weaponry     - average armor
    + medium speed     - lacks long range projectiles
    + medkit/bioweapon     - specified role/responsibility
    + good defensively and offensively     (this is not necessary a negative point)
    Here is a simple "quickswing" alias taken from Snare's TFiguration v2.  It allows the Medic to quickly change his weapon into the medkit/bioweapon, swing, and return to the previous weapon -- all with the push of one button.  This is really handy for healing teammates during battle - as your teammate will be fully healed and you'll quickly be back to firing your gun.  Enjoy...

alias qswing "impulse 1; wait; +attack; wait; -attack; impulse 69"
bind whateverkey qswing

(Note: qswing can also be applied to the Engineer and Spy classes too.  Any class the a quick swing of the axe and returning to the previously held weapon is desired.)
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Copyright 1997 by Michael Fiddes and [KoQ]