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TF HWGuy Strats

by [KoQ] Pek-r

    The Heavy Weapons Guy (hwguy) is the slowest of all of the classes, but more than makes up for it in firepower and armor. As a result, making an impact on offense is pretty difficult, although the occasional trek to the other base can be fun. Of course, if the other team is always on defense (which means your team is kicking butt) you can spend more time helping your team on offense. This summary focuses mostly on the map 2fort4, but many of the ideas can be adapted for other maps. There aren't a lot of complicated strategies or fancy aliases to give you an edge, but there are a few places you can patrol to maximize your effectiveness.


    The first screenshot shows a good place to park for a bit, but only if the opposing team doesn't have a lot of good snipers. You can mow most classes down with minimal damage, but be aware of a well-placed rocket headed your way. They'll be lucky to even make it to your side of the bridge! Enemy snipers make this spot dangerous, so either don't stay too long, or try hanging out in the same spot on the enemy side until someone catches on.

    The second pic shows a good place to limit the enemies entering you base and heading to the main ramp room. Standing just inside the door, you can kill people from behind. Either side is hidden, but there are more shadows on the left (as seen above).

    Another good place to keep the enemies from penetrating deep into you base is in the main ramp room. Stationing yourself on the middle ramp, you have a clear view of both the entrance room discussed previously and the long hallway, which is also commonly used by enemies. Here is where what I said earlier about fancy aliases is a little wrong. I have discovered that by using the same .cfg file for all classes, I have commands for other classes at my disposal. I have a script for instant zooming from Jarv that I use for playing sniper. Notice how difficult it is to see to the end of the long hallway in shot #3? Now look at #4. That enemy can clearly be seen rounding the corner and heading for you. By seeing him at this point, you can start killing him before he even sees you. You will stay alive for much longer by using this method. Here is the alias:

alias zoom_out2 "crosshair 1; sensitivity 12; fov 90; bind f zoom_in2"

alias zoom_in2 "crosshair 0; fov 5; sensitivity 3; bind f zoom_out2"

bind f zoom_in2

Just press "f" to zoom in/zoom out.



    Lastly, if your team needs help on defense or you just wanna play "D" for a break, you can park at the far end of the key hallway and wait for victims.
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