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TF Engineer Strats

by [KoQ] Snare
    The engineer is has a unique role in TF. Because he is primarily a defensive player, an Engineer is basically cannon fodder on offense. Of course, his sentry gun is best at providing defense, but don't sell his other weapons short. His railgun is a very good weapon because of its long range, speed, no reload, and moderate damage. But don't forget his super shotgun when the fighting gets to close range.
    Another great weapon at his disposal are emp grenades. These things rock when used correctly. They cause any nearby enemies' ammunition to explode, killing them instantly. I usually prime them and hold for 1.5 secs, and then release them just ahead of the enemy -- so the enemy runs into the explosion. If you ever go on offense and can get to an enemy ammo room, make sure to toss an emp in there. It will blow up all their ammo and usually take a few enemies with it. Although weak on offense, the Engineer can use emp's to detonate enemy pipebombs, making way for scouts or other classes.

Sentry and Dispenser Placement

    Sentry placement is the key to using an engineer effectively. In general, a sentry is only good as long as it can not be easily destroyed, and this is hard to do because MIRV's, nail grenades, and napalm grenades can all take out a sentry very easily. However, there is only one spot I have found on 2fort4 that a sentry cannot be easily taken out once the enemy knows where it is (see bellow).

    Dispensers provide valuable ammo and armor to all your teammates. Without them, preparing to go out for battle can take a long time for your teammates. However, dispensers can also be used very effectively as a bomb, much like the demoman's pipebomb traps. Basically you place the dispenser in a choke point that enemies must pass. Then when the enemy is near the dispenser, you can use the detdispenser command to blow it up, killing the enemy with it. Also, if you ever see the message "Enemies are using your dispenser!!" quickly use the detdispenser command and you should see "(The enemy) didn't insert the correct change" knowing that your dispenser took the enemy out. The only problem with using the dispenser as a weapon, is that your teammates will be hurting for ammo and armor.

    Bellow are maps of where i have found to place sentries (red arrows) and dispensers as weapons (yellow lines). Most of the sentry placements can be easily killed so the best ones are marked by a * in the description.
1 - Good last resort spot in flag room, but it can be easily destroyed.  The enemy can throw grenades at the sentry without being detected. 

2 - Pretty good spot. It can get enemies even when they know its there because it is so far down the hall. The soldier's rockets and well-placed grenades are its weakness. 

3 - Good when used along with another sentry at 5. It can be an easy target to side-thrown grenades because of the enclosed space. 

4 - Covers both front and back entrances, but not too hard to take out from the back with grenades. 

5 - Good when used along with a sentry at 3. Covers back entrance and helps protect a sentry at 3 and entrance to the flag room. 

6 - Covers both entrances, but easy to take out once found. 

Lower Lobby  
1*- The best spot for a sentry on 2fort4. Covers both entrances very well, no one can even poke there head out of them. But more importantly, it is very hard to kill because it is on a slope, and grenades bounce of off it down to the ground, and nail grenades shot over its head. 

2* - The 2nd best spot on 2fort4. This covers both entrances well, and farther then position 1. Its only weakness is it has a blind spot covering the top entrance, so a medic or scout can kill it very easily with nails from far off. 

3 - This spot can be hard to kill, but it doesn't cover the room very well, and scouts can get past it very easily 

4 - This spot is great at keeping enemies off the ramps, but can be killed easily from underneath, or from nail grenades from rocket jumpers.


Upper Lobby 
1* - Best spot to stop rocket or pipebomb jumpers. Covers both the grate and sniper loft. Can be killed fairly easily with nail grenades if they can get the off. 

2 - Can cover more of the room, but doesn't stop jumpers as quickly and doesn't kill them fast enough to stop nail grenades from being tossed 

3 - Great for hitting enemies going for the flag and is well hidden. All enemies coming from the ramps must run straight at it to get down the basement ramp. Can be killed from behind easily 

+ Great Defensive Player - Horrible on Offense
+ Key for supplies to teammates - No hand held powerful weapon
+ Can repair armor - Very fragile

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Copyright 1997 by Ryan Haney and [KoQ]