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Map Demonstrations

Things you may or may not know... by [KoQ] Jarv
    This page is going to go through many changes.  I do have the basic idea down:  create small demos to be downloaded which hopefully will shed some new ideas for levels that you currently play.  It is not an attempt to locate every single secret on a level -- no way.  There are people that have already done this.  The problem with these pages is that they do not visually show you these areas.  Its hard to know exactly what they are referring to.

    I'm just going to show some basic ideas that people continually overlook while DMing on the internet.  For now, I've only done a few short demos.  You may help me by recording your own and sending them here.

    These demos will show some secret areas, locations of important items, camping/loitering spots, and misc tricks.  I'm really stupid to show the trick in DM2, but you guys are worth it.  (I always get the good stuff in DM2 because no one else does!  Just don't take my megahealth and armor from me all the time...)

    This last part is real important:  Let me know what you think about these demos.  Are they useful, too basic, worthless, what?!?   I don't expect you all to watch these over and over -- usually one viewing is sufficient and you'll be able to incorporate it into your play.

DM2 | DM3 | E1M3
E3M1E3M2 | E3M3
E3's are new as of 8/12/97

Each of these files are approximately 60 to 90k compressed.  Simply extract them into your id1 directory and execute them from the console by typing:

playdemo demoname

where demoname is the filename that you wish to view.  Example:  playdemo dm2.dem
Send all comments about this page to Jarv!

Recorded demos on this page -- copyright 1997 by Michael Fiddes and [KoQ]