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TF Demoman Strats

 By [KoQ] Snare
    The demoman is what I consider to be the "judges" of the TF world - You have to have them, No one likes them, They get to much credit for what they do, Most of them suck, The ones that are good rule the world, They all have a "Holier then thou" attitude, and they bring down swift justice on all who oppose them. (Not a great parallelism, but hey, i like it <g>) In general the demoman makes an awesome defensive person, however his mirv grenades and detpacks allow him to reek havoc on offense.  With great short range power, once the demo man gets close to any other class they are pretty much going to be gibbed, but at any kind of long range, the demoman is in great trouble.


    With pipebombs, grenades, and room clearing mirv's, the demoman excels in a defensive role. Bellow are some defensive strategies I use on 2fort4, but they can be applied to most any map.

    There are two main places for a demoman to stay on defense that allow him to take out many on coming enemies with little risk to himself. The first is in the main lobby ramp room.  Standing up on the upper level, looking down to the main lobby is a great place to be. You can easily lob down grenades without exposing yourself to great risk. See the image bellow...
I like to stand either at 

1.) right above the short ramp close to the ammo room. This spot allows you to easily lob grenades down on anyone trying to come up the short ramp, and to cover most of the lower lobby. 

2.) the opposite side of the room right above the long ramp that follows against most of the wall. This spot allows you to see enemies coming sooner and works better with knowing when to detonate your pipebombs. 

The yellow dots represent where i like to place pipe bombs to easily take out anyone trying to get up the ramps.  That setup covers all the ramps and catches anyone with a large degree of blast radius damage. See offense section below for more on pipebombs.


    The second main area that is a good defensive position is the basement are near the flag. Although it takes patience to defend the basement sometimes, you can be the key to keeping your flag out of enemies hands.  The key to this area is the small, narrow, but long hallway that leads to the flag.  This area lends itself well to grenades, pipebombs, and mirv's. There are  basically two ways I play this area.
1.) this setup is just about impossible to get past as long as the demoman is alive. When an enemy comes down here, I like to toss a mirv into that room just in front so they cant just hang out down there and strafe back and forth firing at me. 

2.) this setup is made to do two things. First your pipebomb trap, and if the get past it, they actually have fallen into a bigger trap. When they run down the hall to get your flag, they have just taken the bait. Stand at the room room at the other end of the hall and just lob anything you have down there. I usually try to setup some pipebombs like in 1 while they get the flag. As long as you don't kill yourself or get killed from behind, no ones is getting out of there with your flag. 

       In the above examples, enemies will (after dying a few times) begin to try and make you detonate your pipebombs early. DON'T FALL FOR IT :-) That is why i make them in long lines. This way, i don't ever explode them until the enemy is halfway down my pipebomb line.



    The demoman's offensive ability can crush enemy defenses. Basically you just have to toss enough grenades around and you will get frags no matter what =)

    One of the demoman's bets rolls on offense  is as an anti-sentry man.  You usually die once finding the sentry, but after that, the sentry is toast.  All you need to do is get one mirv somewhere close to it and thats all it takes. Another effective method is to toss pipebombs at it while strafing behind a wall or platform so the sentry misses most of the time. Detonate your pipebombs every time time you duck behind cover. Most sentries have blind spots if you just make sure to move slowly, and thats when its time to toss that mirv.

    Now i admit, i hardly ever use detpaks. I didn't really play the demoman in 2.5 so i don't really miss its so called power. I hear placing them on an enemy sniper deck can be fun though =) Basically i think all you have do is find a place with no enemies around, plant one down, and hope enemies are around when it goes off.  I'm sure some people use them alot, but i just don't for some reason.

    Pipebombs actually make a better offensive weapon than your normal grenades if used correctly. Basically, your normal grenades only explode if you directly hit some one with them, or after a few seconds. This can be a major drawback as it is pretty hard to score direct hits in quake non-bullet/nail weapons. So thats where pipebombs rock. Just toss them towards a person and explode it in mid air near the person. This gets you tons of blast radius damages. You can also toss them about the room like you would with normal grenades and as soon as you see the enemy nears one (they usually do not see them while circle strafing) you blow them up.

    Pipebomb jumping is another useful tool for the demoman. Its allows him to ge to the 2nd levels of maps very easily, but he does lose alot more health than a solider does from a rocket jump. In order to perform this, you need to lay down to pipebombs close to the ledge you want to jump to (for small ones you can use 1 pipebomb). Then just run over the pipebombs and jump and hit detpipe at the same time. Its much easier to use an alias to do this like this one:


Config Stuff

    Besides the pipejump mentioned above, I have a few other aliases and config ideas you might be interested in. I use the a,w,s,d setup for my basic movement, so the key bellow should be changed to fit you. I have my mouse setup so mouse button 1 always fires a pipebomb, mouse button always fires a grenade, and mouse button 3 fires a mirv. This way i don't have to switch back and forth between pipebombs and grenades, they are both always quickly accessible. I do this using the bellow aliases:
      These can be modified to better suit your needs, but i find these to work well, although your screen does fill up with "pipebomb mode" and "grenade mode" if you switch which you fire alot.

    I bind q to detpipe as it is easily accessible with my left hand and used quite often. Reload is also very important to keep up with since you can only fire 6 grenades/pipebombs at a time. I basically reload every free change i get so i always have 6 shots available. I bind reload to my MS inteli-mouse's wheel up action, but you can easily bind it to a key (if you don't have this mouse and are a serious quake player, i suggest you get it. It allows you to have the equivalent of a 5 button mouse all right at your finger tips).


+ Good on both offense and defense - No long range attack
+ Mirv's (nuff said) - Slightly slower than most classes
+ Great flag protector (pipebombs) - Reload delay 
+ Anti-sentry man
+ Detpacks (important on some maps)
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Copyright 1997 by Ryan Haney and [KoQ]