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KoQ Clan Meeting!!
8:00pm CST #clan_koq




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Upcoming Events as of  8/2/99.
KoQ Clan Meeting!!
RSV P to .

November 13th 1999  KoQ Clan Meeting
Notice to all Veteran KoQ Members:

KoQ Clan Meeting!!!

When: 8:00pm CST Thursday, November 18, 1999

Where: IRC #clan_koq

Why: To determine if there is interest in KoQ reforming as a TFC or Counter Stike Clan.

This will be a very informal meeting (of course). There has been a lot of talk amongst some KoQ members of bringing back the KoQ of old, and moving on to TFC or possibly Counter Stike. While the idea has been tossed about, it has never really been move upon, so hopefully this will change that. Both TFC and Counter Stike have huge clan scenes now, and both have many league to play in. The plan, if we proceed into one of these games, would be to play 1 match a week, with 1 or 2 practicies a week.

While we would want to be competitive, the whole reason for is to bring back the KoQ family. Friends, having fun together killing the bad guys =) I truely believe KoQ could really excel at either of these games, and I think bring back the KoQ family of old is something many of us would love to see. Again, we would want to keep KoQ mostly older people, but I think exceptions could be made for some of the younger x-KoQ members.

If you are not familier with TFC or Counter Strike, please check out:

TFC is just a remake of TF for Half-life, while Counter Strike is a new Half-life mod that is more combat realistic, based on real life weapons, and I think is the best mod to come out since TF =).

I look forward to seeing you all again, and I think something good will come out of this meeting =)


October 8th 1999  Lan party attendance

The following people have committed to attending the Lan Party.

Snare Tae em War
Shamuka Viper
Cadrys Vile (Dante's Kid)
Dante Vomit (Dante's Kid)
Crotalus Jarv (Grand PooBah)
Serko Dr. O'Pain
Jman Horse


    I will add the names as I get them.

October 6th 1999 Lan Party update!

It's getting close!

Now's the time to get in those RSV P's for the party. This looks like it will be the biggest and best yet. As I get final confirmation from each of you guys, I will post it on here. There will be lots to do and great fun to be had.
Once again, ALL KOQ's AND THEIR WIVES, FRIENDS, CHILDREN, ET ARE INVITED. There is a pool table, foosball table, hot tub, fun, food, and drink. Please send your RSV P's to this account This is important because it will let me know how much food and space I need. If you have any special needs or any hardware that you need, please include it with the rsvp. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting you all!


August  3rd 1999 Date set for Fall Lan Party!
KoQ 2nd Annual Lan Party and Goat Round-up.

Ok guys, here is the news we have all been waiting for! We are gonna pitch a bitch (no Serko, I'm not talking about you) on November 5th, 6th, and 7th. For those of you who do not have a calendar handy, that's a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Lan party, like the other lan parties, will be held at the beautiful Dante hotel and casino. Dallas, Texas.

My home is open to anyone who needs to stay overnight (nights). As before, I will have all the food and drink covered. Just make sure you bring your computer! We still have a while before the RSV P's are needed, just start planning on attending. This party should be our biggest yet! Cadrys will be here as so will all the Dallas scum.

The party is open to ALL KoQ and ex-KoQ members as well as their families and friends. Wives, girlfriends, and children are invited! There is plenty to do and see. Count on having a great time and 'putin till ya drop.

I will have some extra lan cards for those of you who might not have one. If you need any hardware, just send me a note and I will see if I can arrange to have it here. I have all the cables, hubs, tables and chairs already.

I will be available to pick up people from the airport, train or bus station, or to bail you losers out of jail. :)

I will make periodic (and idiotic) updates as time goes along. However, should you need any further info, you can e-mail me at .

This is gonna be a blast!


August 2nd 1999 Battlelogs removed due to disk quota
Battlelogs removed (well, compressed)
Tripod pay-membership has expired, and the current state of KoQ leads me to not reactivate the pay-account.  It is no longer a necessity to have the additional space as long as we are in an inactive state.

However,  our site will remain open as a free-account.  This change has reduced our available webspace from 22 megs down to 11 megs.  In order to comply to the new limit, I've removed the battle-logs from the website.  The main battlelog page will remain as a note of our past matches, etc.

For those that wish to have the battlelogs, you can download a compressed version of all the battlelogs.  Its only 1.7mb compressed, compared to a whopping 16+ megs as it existed on this site in ascii form.

This move will allow us to keep the KoQ site alive and available for any future endeavors we may have.

It'll also allow Dante to continue his updates to the site!  (Sorry for my delay--  he has wanted to post more news but Tripod locked us out for a bit.. hehe)


June 7th 1999 Howz about a little update?
What's happened?
Well, not much really. KoQ has gone inactive. (duh)

What's going to happen?
That's another story. As for right now, KoQ will remain a clan of old friends that are just too stubborn to die. We still occasionally get visits in IRC from some of the old farts (when they have to leave EQ to go to the bathroom or eat or something) and we still get together and play some tf here and there. As far as particulars, this is all that I have info on:

Cadrys - Enjoying fatherhood. Learning the basics of babydom. How they eat, sleep and poop. Keep up the good work Cads!

Shamuka - Currently employed as a computer sales/consultant. Specializes in giving the advice on how to install IE5 and reformatting your machine.

Crotalus - Still as big an ass as he ever was, only now he is making the people who play tribes pay......

Snare - The Howard Hughes of KoQ. Never see him, Never hear from him, but we know he is there...........

Jarv - man of mystery. Sucked into the decadent world of EQ and never to be seen again..........

Beserq - Cant make up his mind. Today he goes by Ronin. He still shoots his teammates though.

Rot - Finally a man who has found a life!  No computer whatsoever! He is getting married in the summer, and to a very pretty woman. Remember Rot, I get to kiss the bride!

Dunkster - Bought a new house! He will be around more after he gets settled.

People who have been possessed by EQ:

1) Doc
2) Talruum
3) Wartribe
4) Horse
5) Hopper (Hooper)

may they rest in peace

Please make use of the Delphi message board and our public server. For those of you who cant remember,

Message Board - See above link

IRC Channel  #clan_koq   Gamesnet

Pub Server

Just a note.....  I actually saw and talked with Jenkins yesterday. He was on our public server. Hopefully he will come by from time to time. Also, please note on the calendar, I still have Friday nights listed as a public server night. If anyone has a better day for this, please let me know.
See y'all around!

- Dante

May 3rd 1999 This week's notices posted.
April 26th 1999 5v5 Notice Posted
April 23rd 1999 Notices posted
April 20th 1999 Leadership Change
April 16th 1999 League Info

April 14th 1999 Welcome to the New Guys!
April 11th 1999 Tryout plan
Monday tryout schedule.

As each new tryout attendee comes into our channel, they will be sent a text file detailing the process that will happen. Basically, they will go to a separate channel, state their best class and then the best secondary class. We will hold 1 or 2 , 30 minute games with them playing those classes. Shamuka, Myself and Crotalus will spec the recruits from spectator mode. We will need some KoQs to play in the game with them to see how well they communicate with their teammates and how well they work together. After the games, we can weed out the players who do not seem to fit our profile. We need to look for the following things:
Packet Loss  (ping helps but its the PL that kills us)

All of these things are important. A very skilled player that is an asshole, will just make the rest of us miserable.

Once we have a few people that we are interested in, we will bring them in one at a time and ask them some questions. Not just serious questions either. We need to know if they fit in with our group and a good sense of humor will go a long way in that respect.

After the questions are done, we will vote on who to bring in. Again, at this point they are still squires. They must go through 30 days before being a Knight.

I have no doubt it will take us a week or two to get the team working as a whole. This shouldn't be as hard as it sounds. Mournblade is a true genius at building a good war machine. We will certainly call on his knowledge. All of us can learn from this whole ordeal. We have has some tough times, but if we are patient and follow a good game plan, we can really make an impact in the leagues.

If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the message board. Please continue to use the Delphi message board for right now until I put up a link to the other one and configure it for our use.


April 9th 1999 More victims of Everquest
April 6th 1999 Holiday is over....  Back to work!
April 1st 1999 April fools day

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