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Nothing here for now =)


Quick Buy
//Needed to remove pop-up text
alias spi "showplayerinfo"

//buyin items fast
alias helm "buyitem; wait; menuselect 3; wait; spi"
alias vest "buyitem; wait; menuselect 1; wait; spi"
alias grenades "buyitem;menuselect 4;buyitem;menuselect 5;buyitem;menuselect 4;spi"
alias items "helm; vest; grenades; spi"

//buying ammo fast
alias primary "buyammo; wait; menuselect 1; spi"
alias secondary "buyammo; wait; menuselect 2; spi"

//buying items
bind "F1" "buyweapon"
bind "F2" "primary; secondary; spi"
bind "F3" "items; spi"
bind "F4" "items; primary; primary; primary; secondary; secondary; secondary; spi"
bind "F5" "helm; vest; spi"
bind "F6" "buyammo"
bind "F7" "buyitem"

This sets up F1 to buy your weapons, F2 to buy primary and secondary ammo with 1 press, F3 buys all your items (vest, helmut, grenades), F4 Would buy all your items, plus lost of ammo, F5 will buy you just a vest or helmut, F6 will use the normal buy ammo menu, and F7 will use the normal buy item menu.Change the binds to whatever you like, but with these aliases, you should be able to buy what you need quckly.

Walking/Ducking Toggles
alias walkon "+speed; alias walk walkoff"
alias walkoff "-speed; alias walk walkon"
alias walk walkon

// Duck
alias duckon "+duck;wait;alias duck duckoff"
alias duckoff "-duck;wait;alias duck duckon"
alias duck "duckon"

bind "ALT" "duck"
bind "SHIFT" "walk"

These will allow you to toggle walking and crouching. Press once to activate it, and again to turn it off. I find them useful when i know i need to duck or walk for more then a few seconds. Be sure to rebind the keys to your liking.

Quick Weapon Switching
//switch between knife and best weapon
alias knife1 "use weapon_knife; alias knife knife2"
alias knife2 "bigweap; alias knife knife1"
alias knife knife1

//switch between pistol and main weapon
alias pistol1 "pistols; alias pistol pistol2"
alias pistol2 "guns; rifles; alias pistol pistol1"
alias pistol pistol1

//gun switching scripts
alias pistols "use weapon_usp; use weapon_glock18; use weapon_deagle; use weapon_p228"
alias subguns "use weapon_mp5navy; use weapon_tmp; use weapon_p90"
alias guns "subguns; use weapon_m3; use weapon_ak47; use weapon_m249"
alias rifles "use weapon_sg552; use weapon_scout; use weapon_g3sg1; use weapon_awp; use weapon_m4a1"
alias bigweap "pistols; guns; rifles"

bind "v" "knife"
bind "q" "pistol"

These let you use a key to quickly switch between your knife and your main weapon, or your pistol and you main weapon. I use these alot, especially when you have a slow reloding main weapon, and you need to whip out your pistol fast instead of waiting on the reload. Rebind the two keys to your preference.

   Files Please download and read this document if you are new to CS. It will make your inital learning phase go much faster. I have made TF like greande aliases and timers for the CS greandes. Download this zip, and it will have all the files you need, and explain to you exactly what you need to do to set them up. Pak file with lots of extra new stuff. Includes News skins, weapon models, sounds, crosshairs, and more. Just unzip it into your cstrike folder. Delete it if you don't like it =)
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