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Two Week Calendar January 2000
9 10 11 12
Practice 8pm
Match 8pm
14 15
16 17 18 19
Practice 8pm
Match 8pm
21 22
Note: All times in CST

   January 14, 2000

Great Job last night Everyone!

I know it was kind of a downer to lose our first real match, but you all should be very proud of how we played. The match was very close almost every round, and it 1-2 things had just gone a little differently, we easily could have won the match.

More importantly then the outcome of the match, was the experience we got. Learning to play together, getting the feel of how CS matches will, etc...I hope you all feel more comfortable with us a team. Our team work really shined in our cordinated attack as the CT's. The times we flashbanged the basement, and then all stormed in to take out the T's, that was just classic team work.

Unfortunately, I think a few times we let the numbers advantage get to our heads, and we played careless a few times. At least I know I did. We need to make sure to keep up the same sense of danger and carefulness, even after we are doing well in a round. A prime example of this was the very first round. We had killed 3 T's, rescued 2 hostages, and were making our way to the main building. We then somehow let 3 of them kill 6 of us, with it actually being 5 on 1 at the end. No way should we let that happen we then gun levels are even =) A few other times, we had guys try and take some people on alone, and we need to avoid doing this (especially me) unless it is absolutely necessary.

But overall our first match was a big success for us as a clan. We just need to keep in mind that we are still infants when it comes to CS match experience, so we need make sure and learn a lot from every match. I have updated the Battle Log with screenshots from the match. We need to all remember to take screenshots at the end of matches, just to make sure we have not only records of it, but incase they are ever needed from some kind of dispute. Most of the other pages have been updated too

In some recruiting news, Novacain may be joining us shortly. He came around last night, and expressed interest in playing with us. Also, Cabal is starting to catch the CS bug, and may be joining us in a few weeks after he learns more of the basics. He is a good friend of Sham and me, and would be a great addition to KoQ.

I'll send out another email once I know who our opponents are for next week, and what map it will be on. Hopefully it wil be the same map, so we possible have a scrimmage on Wednesday instead of a regular practice. Have a good weekend and see you all next week


   January 4, 2000

Got a few items of good news for you.

First, we finally have a CS server up!!. Its can be found at We have rcon so we can make it private when needed, buts its public by default.

Second, we are going begin STA CS league play next week!. With the server up now, I feel its time we just bite the bullet and start playing. I know we may have a rocky start, but having been playing with mowst of you over the holidays and the last few days, I know we can do well.

Now for a few other items. How is everyone liking Beta5? I had my doubts about it at first, but now I am really happy with it (except for the server crashes, which should be fixed in a patch shortly). Alot of the key bindings changed, so if anyone needs help rebind theirs keys or the like, feel free to talk with me. One thing you ALL need to do, is reset your rate, pushlatency, fps_modem, and fps_lan settings. Mine are:

rate 7000
pushlatency -100
ps_modem 100
fps_lan 100

If you have a modem connection, I would suggest:

rate 3000
pushlatency -200
fps_modem 50
fps_lan 50

But you will each need to find what is best for you.

This coming Thursday we will have a Mandatory practice. We need everyone that can possibley make it to be there. If you cannot be there, please let me know ASAP. Our main goals for the practice will be making sure everyone is comfortable with beta5, getting everyone working on Roger Wilco, and devising strategies for both T and CT on the map for our first match (unknown what it is at this time). Once we have that all done (probably will be late) we may go do some pub playing, since we very likely will not have the numbers to practice against ourselves, but maybe.

With DLG going inactive, some other KoQ's may have time now to play CS with us. I would ask that everyone talk with fellow KoQ friends, and see if they are interestedin playing CS. We have a nice core of players to start with, but I really want us to have a bigger membership. If any of you have friends that were not KoQ, but you feel would be good additions to us, please talk with me about it.

Finally, with us beginning League play, we need to find a new time for regular practice, as league play will be on Thursday nights. I personally cannot practice on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, so really that leaves us with Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Obviously Wednesday is the best of those, so that is the day I would like to have it, but I need to know from yall if anyone would not be able to make wednesdays on a regular basis. I think it work out well to have our practices the nights before matches.

Think thats all for now. Hope to see everyone on Thursday.

   December 17, 1999

Wow! Now that was a fun practice session!

Night started off slow with only 3-4 of us around, but we all hopped on a server, and soon enough, 3-4 more guys joined in!. It was like the old TF days of KoQ taking over a pub server =)

Though we didn't have voice comm working, it sure felt like we were playing pretty well as a team. On the second map we played, all KoQ were on the same team, and things really began to click. I can't mention how many times we were able to take out enemies just by covering each others backs. I remember many times holding a Terr attack from the sewers, only to have Tribe come in a rip them all from behind =)

Anyway, I hope that gave everyone a better feel of how things will go in the future as we learn to play together, and also give everyone a better view of how a match might go. We dominated the first 5 or more rounds, but then the Terr's got smart and all started staying in their base. They were then able to pick us off one by one, and one a few rounds, till we adjusted again and were able to attack their base from many ways at once.

All in all, it was a very good night for us. The server will hopefully be up soon, as we got a TF server put up, and I noticed a CS server already running on the same box.

I imagine many will be out of town next Thursday, but we will still have a public server session for those of us around. Also, would you be able to make a public/private practice this coming Sunday, the 19th? We may try to do that, so for now, just plan on having another public session this coming Sunday at 8pm CST, but if i get enough email or responses saying they can't make it, I'll cancel it.

One last thing. I noticed very few are using the message board, and even fewer posting, so i decided to create a new board just for CS. For now, its still using the delphi forums, but I am considering using GamerX for a board. Not sure how priavte theirs can be though. Anyway, the new board can be found at and the membership password is shogun. Please all go and sign up there now, and lets start posting some =)

Thats all for now.

   December 12, 1999

Last practice went much better. I think everyone is getting a much better hang of the game, and in time that will allow us to learn to play better as a team. We only played on bomb maps, but I actually like those a lot better then rescue maps. Seems to be a little more fair as both teams have to use offense and defense.

We had some RW troubles, and it didn't work for me in game for some reason, so we will have to try and work that out. We may have to look into using Battlecom, or some new product called teamstream.

If anyone knows bandits email address, please let me know. We really need to get the server up, but doesn't look like its gonna happen to someone steps on his toes.

See everyone on Thursday.


   December 5, 1999

First practice was a little shakey. Had some trouble getting the server, and then people had some trouble getting into the game. Played a few rounds of 4vs3, but the low numbers made some bored quickly =)

Hopefully at our next practice, Thursday Dec. 9 @ 8pm, more people will feel better about the game, and we can get in some good practice. Play some pub games this week, and things should go much better. Also, download and install Roger Wilco before the next practice please.


   November 26, 1999

Got the strategy page up. I put a few more alias scripts up there you all may like to check out. I also moved any files I have posted to there, so not just anyone can get them. Also posted my Pak file for CS. Lots of new stuff in there like player models, weapon models, and sounds.

   November 23, 1999

Ok, finally got the private page up and going. Not much to it right now, but it will be added to the more we play =)

Not much really to say at this point. Just play as much CS as you can before the next Meeting/practice on Dec. 2 at 8pm CST.

One thing that should help you all. Here are some simple aliases of mine to make uying items/weapons/ammo go really fast:
//Needed to remove pop-up text
alias spi "showplayerinfo"

//buyin items fast
alias helm "buyitem; wait; menuselect 3; wait; spi"
alias vest "buyitem; wait; menuselect 1; wait; spi"
alias grenades "buyitem;menuselect 4;buyitem;menuselect 5;buyitem;menuselect 4;spi"
alias items "helm; vest; grenades; spi"

//buying ammo fast
alias primary "buyammo; wait; menuselect 1; spi"
alias secondary "buyammo; wait; menuselect 2; spi"

//buying items
bind "F1" "buyweapon"
bind "F2" "primary; secondary; spi"
bind "F3" "items; spi"
bind "F4" "items; primary; primary; primary; secondary; secondary; secondary; spi"
bind "F5" "helm; vest; spi"
bind "F6" "buyammo"
bind "F7" "buyitem"
This sets up F1 to buy your weapons, F2 to buy primary and secondary ammo with 1 press, F3 buys all your items (vest, helmut, grenades), F4 Would buy all your items, plus lost of ammo, F5 will buy you just a vest or helmut, F6 will use the normal buy ammo menu, and F7 will use the normal buy item menu.

Change the binds to whatever you like, but with these aliases, you should be able to buy what you need quckly.

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