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   Clan History

Orignally formed as a Quake DM clan in July of 1997, KoQ started with only 6 members. In August of 97, KoQ changed over to a Quake Team Fortress clan. After months of recuiting and practice, KoQ mades its mark on the Team Forstress Community.

With an average member age of 27, the 20-25 members of KoQ consistently excelled in the TF world, highlighted by winning the Hellspawn Wars first season Championship and remaining in the IGL Top 5 rankings for over a year. Though never achieving a TFCNN Top10 ranking, KoQ defeated many Top10 clans before finally calling it quits in June of 1999, after almost 2 straight years of competition, accomplishing an overall 79-46-3 record.

In Novemeber of 1999, many Veteran KoQ members decided to reform and begin playing Counter Strike. And that is where things are today

   Vital Information

Knights of Quake, [KoQ] (for now)

Charter Date:
November 18, 1999

IRC: IRC, channel #clan_koq

Thursdays @ 8:00pm CST

Clan Email:

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