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S-shots Contest 12/02/97
Wow... we have some really great screenshots.   Thanks to all members who sent in a picture!
 Please wait for all pics to download before proceeding.  Awards are displayed at the end of this file.
S = Score,  D = Difference from next closest opponent, T = Time, (Frags per minutes S / T truncated)
Dante S=129, D=4, T=26 (4.96)
Snare S=158, D=56, T=28 (5.64)
Kouros S=96, D=7, T=29 (3.31)
Sr.Vive S=76, D=2, T=29 (2.62) [KoQ] tag, buddy?
Jarv S=138, D=12, T=59 (2.33)
Leiodes S=131, D=23, T=29 (4.51)
Hodgekins S=155, D=16, T=23 (6.73)
Cadrys S=114, D=22, T=45 (2.53)
Pekr S=99, D=N/A, T=28 (3.53)
Jenkins S=98, D=43, T=29 (3.37)
Rellika S=118, D=12, T=29 (4.06)
Gabriel S=163, D=N/A, T=29 (5.62)
Pilate S=54, D=N/A, T=7 (7.71)
(drum roll, please...)

 - Llama Master Dec'97 -
For unparalled TF Domination...
 - Grim Reaper Dec'97 -
For highest frag count...
 - Rising Star Dec'97 -
For highest potential player...
Those darn LPBs! :)
Honorable Mention
Llama Master Jr. - Jenkins
Grim Reaper Jr. - Hodgekins
Rising Star Jrs. - Pek-r, Cadrys
Early Bird - Dante
Frags Per Minute - Pilate
Tickle Me Elmo Awards (to everyone else that didn't get mentioned!)
Kouros, Sr.Vive, Jarv, Rellika
Congratulatioms to everyone that sent in their screenshots.  Teri Hatcher gives you all a big fat kiss.
This contest was made in hopes to raise our awareness of public TF and to have silly in-house competition.  Just like the Special Olympics, everyone is a winner here! :)